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Cold heart! Manner's part-time job was cut off for no reason!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique coffee culture magazine Coffee Workshop in the impression of many consumers who often go to Manner to buy coffee, there are not many people behind the bar in Manner. During the morning rush or afternoon tea, Manner workers are busy behind the bar like a whirlpool.

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In the impression of many consumers who often go to Manner to buy coffee, there are not many people behind the bar in Manner. During the morning rush or afternoon tea, Manner workers are busy behind the bar like a spinning top.

Some kind-hearted consumers look at the appearance of employees' feet without touching the ground, feeling helpless, but also understand that it is not easy to beat workers, without too much urging, it has been more than half an hour since they got their own coffee.

As a result, there have been a lot of posts on social platforms that consumers have spoken for Manner workers, advising Manner stores to arrange more staff so that consumers don't have to wait half an hour during rush hours to drink coffee, and employees can have plenty of time to rest, so that they don't have to run to the toilet and use a timer to count the time.

Perhaps Manner management heard the feedback from consumers and offered a lot of part-time jobs in stores during this winter vacation, offering olive branches to young people who need part-time jobs, attracting many college students who want to experience the life of coffee workers and earn some pocket money.

However, recently, the part-time employee of Manner posted that he had chosen his shift and was told by the store manager by phone before going to work that the store was fully staffed and that he did not need part-time employees for the time being. I thought this was an accident, but several follow-up part-time shifts were also cancelled by other stores, and Manner part-time employees who had no work to go to complained that Manner stores "stood up people again and again, so disrespectful!" .

Not only Manner part-time employees were canceled, but some full-time employees said that they would cut full-time shifts when their stores were not busy, and arrange several general classes if they were busy. Therefore, both full-time and part-time employees of Manner can change their shifts as long as the store manager thinks that there are sufficient staff in the store.

In addition, some part-time employees complained that they worked in the store for a few days, got along well with other full-time staff in the store, and did not neglect their work, but a few days later they were suddenly told that "overall is not suitable", canceled all shifts and told not to go to work.

Some netizens have analyzed that Manner part-time employees prefer packing and cleaning work, do not need to make drinks, but their hourly salary is higher than that of full-time employees, so the store manager may think that the overall performance-to-price ratio of part-time employees is not as good as that of full-time employees. In order to reduce labor costs, they do not have to go to work for reasons such as "overall unsuitable", "poor performance" and so on.

On the other hand, Manner employees revealed that if the store manager is satisfied with the performance of the part-time employee, it may lead to the cut of the working hours of the full-time employee in the store, and if the store manager says he is not satisfied, the part-time employee may lose his job.

At present, Manner has not made a response to the inexplicable cancellation of shifts of part-time workers. Some part-time employees said that Manner's full-time employees are busy at the bar, and part-time employees want to go to work but have no shift, which shows the random and chaotic management of store staff, which chills migrant workers who are looking forward to Manner and will only constantly dissuade young people who want to enter Manner.

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