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Manner mug hit IKEA in the face?!

Published: 2024-07-24 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/07/24, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop on the evening of February 20, Manner official account posted a tweet saying that since February 21, offline, Mini Program or takeout platforms will receive a retro package with a market value of 75 yuan if they place an order to buy a "two-cup light cheese latte package".

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On the evening of February 20, Manner official account posted a tweet saying that since February 21, offline, Mini Program or takeout platforms will receive a vintage mug with a market value of 75 yuan (gilded gold, misty rain gray and black and blue, only for delivery but not for sale), and a national limit of 120000.

In this regard, Manner, which has not released a new event for more than half a month, made fans happy and enthusiastic about the launch of the retro mug in the year of the Dragon, and some consumers even placed pre-orders for the second day in advance on the delivery platform.

Today, some netizens posted notes on the social platform saying that there is a clear similarity in the basic appearance between the retro mug from Manner and the Gladley mug from IKEA Ikea.

Netizens joked: "case solved! manner Ikea joint name", "you know too much", "can't say it doesn't matter", but the similarity is really high. This made netizens who were still struggling to choose which color cup to choose one after another said that this would directly become a "money-saving master", "No wonder I look a little familiar" and "save 50 yuan".

Second, some netizens found that the price of similar mugs on other shopping platforms did not reach the market value of 75 yuan claimed by Manner in its tweet, and this pricing strategy silenced many netizens.

In the comment area, many netizens said that what they wanted most was a golden mug, but the color difference between the cup and the official map was not the same. In fact, many consumers say they are in the same situation.

At the same time, after receiving the complimentary mugs, some consumers found that the cup body has varying degrees of indentation, damage, uneven spray and other defects. Later, some netizens pointed out that no perfect mugs were seen in the whole network, and he thought it might have been made by Ikea screening the remaining defective cups.

In fact, in view of this situation, consumers may choose to order to the store to receive the gift may be better, if they choose the delivery platform to issue an order, receive the gift to find defects, can contact the store in time to communicate with the return.

In addition, although there are all kinds of problems in this event, Manner's New year's gift of vintage mugs has attracted the attention and enthusiasm of many consumers. Although some consumers have suggested that the cups they received have color difference and quality problems, others still say that the retro mug has a good texture and that the logo design of the cup body is also very attractive.

Generally speaking, although there are some problems with Manner's retro mug campaign, it also makes consumers feel the intentions of the brand in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. No matter which color cup you choose, the most important thing is that it can bring you a pleasant experience. If you encounter problems about consumer experience in any coffee shop, contact the store to communicate with the staff in time, this is the fastest and effective solution.

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