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M stand wooden fish is silent when it knocks!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/18, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique coffee culture magazine Coffee Workshop Coffee chain brand has a pair of "brothers" who are not related by blood but look alike. One is called Manner and the other is called M stand. Although the brand logo looks somewhat similar, it gives it to the public.

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The coffee chain has a pair of "unrelated" but similar "brothers". One is called Manner and the other is called M stand. Although their brand logo looks a bit similar, it does not give the public the same impression. Manner is well known by consumers for pulling flowers, bringing its own quilt, etc., while M stand is remembered by consumers for a variety of periphery with their own logo.

M stand, which has a simple urban style, has a considerable number of loyal fans, many of whom are not only coffee fans of M stand, but also fans around M stand. Previously launched glasses bags, felt handbags, film calendars and other beautiful and practical periphery are very popular with consumers, often attracting fans to buy and share pictures on social platforms.

Recently, M stand launched the surrounding wooden fish is the same, not long after the launch of many netizens to place orders for purchase, received immediately shared, "accumulated some merit on the first day of work", "on the first day of work I hit the wooden fish at the workplace", while the workers brought coffee to work, they also brought M stand's wooden fish to their desks and knocked on the wooden fish while working to eliminate the troubles of beating workers.

However, some netizens found that this wooden fish of M stand cannot make a crisp and ethereal sound, and compared with those around it before, the quality of the wooden fish is not good. Many netizens have sent pictures saying that there are scratches and rough production, and there will be hammer lines on the surface after knocking more times. "without knocking", it is a "beautiful waste".

Netizens commented that it was "an extremely frustrating wooden fish". "the junk wooden fish was supposed to purify the mind and became even more popular with a knock," and "felt that this was the ugliest neighborhood of his house."

In addition to complaining about M stand's wooden fish, many netizens complain about the poor quality of M stand's coffee. "such a bad coffee is sold at that price", "I don't know who is drinking it when I look at the price," and "m stand is really bad! it really tastes bad, and it doesn't work even in several stores."

Many netizens' first impression of M stand is a brand cafe with good coffee taste, petty bourgeoisie and stable quality control, and from time to time there are some novel brands around it, so it has been loved by many consumers.

However, in recent years, the quality control quality of M stand has declined, and after the low-price coffee war, the product advantage of M stand has been even more weakened. some consumers say that the price of M stand is much higher than that of Manner and Lucky, but the coffee is far less delicious than other countries. for consumers who pursue performance-to-price ratio, M stand does not have many advantages compared with other coffee brands.

As a result, the public's impression of M stand has gradually changed into a coffee shop with bad coffee but a good neighborhood. Some netizens admitted that the reason for buying M stand now is not because of the good coffee, but because of the unique brand design.

This time, there was a quality control problem around the wooden fish, and consumers were more dissatisfied with the M stand brand at the same time. Netizens said bluntly that if there were such quality control problems around M stand, it would not be good for the brand, but would only disappoint loyal fans and even make them give up their support for the brand.

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