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Joint crash! Lucky Yihetang's "Battle between Bao and Dai"!

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, ▲ Click to follow| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop 9.9 activity shrinkage storm is not over, lucky to save the hearts of lucky fans, first launched cherry blossom season limited drinks, then put on the shelves of Ullens contemporary art center joint cups and knitted bags, but these two activities response is flat, consumers

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9.9 The event has not yet passed, Ruixing in order to save the hearts of Ruixing fans, first launched the cherry blossom season limited drinks, followed by the Ullens Contemporary Art Center co-branded cups and knitted bags, but these two activities have a flat response, consumers are still more concerned about when Ruixing will change the 9.9 event back to the previous rules.

As a result, Ruixing official blog yesterday predicted that next week will be a new joint venture with "Dream of Red Mansions," this wave of marketing successfully attracted the attention of netizens, the discussion heat has also heated up again and again,"tea and coffee also how to dream! Ruizi, you say,"Ruizi, you've really made it,""is it just me? Or do all the other sisters have it? "Give Sister Lin something American that others don't have. Sister Lin never drinks anything with milk like that."

Expectations in the comment area are high, and many netizens are ready to sprint next Monday when the event goes online.

There are also netizens in see Ruixing propaganda poster after teasing, Starbucks and the big trouble before the joint, now Ruixing and "Dream of Red Mansions" joint, do not know whether the four famous books and chain brands to a joint. Didn't think this joke said how long, chain tea brand Yihetang yesterday afternoon on the social platform issued a poster with the same composition as Ruixing poster, indicating that he will also have joint cooperation with "Dream of Red Mansions."

Netizens didn't expect to see a joint collision between brands and were shocked by Yihetang's almost identical publicity. More netizens found that Yihetang official number appeared in the comment area shortly after Ruixing official propaganda joint activity, using a line from Lin Daiyu,"If I knew you would come, I wouldn't have come," to attract the attention of netizens, and then issued posters with the same composition but different protagonists.

Yihetang this series of divine operations made netizens laugh endlessly, one after another in Yihetang comment area comments,"The same composition and the same angle can't stop your ghost animal temperament is right,""Even if she comes, I will come,""Hahaha you are Daiyu, Rui is Baochai, but our brother Bao has too many good sisters."

There are even more netizens who watch the excitement and don't mind the big things urgently calling tea Yan Yue color,"You say something, the love of three people will be more interesting!" Can we go back to Red Mansions this year?! "。

In addition to laughing, some netizens were confused by Yihetang's operation and mistakenly thought it was Ruixing, Yihetang and "Dream of Red Mansions" three joint names. In fact, Ruixing is co-branded with the national dance drama Dream of Red Mansions. The joint object of Yihetang is the original work of Dream of Red Mansions. The propaganda materials and the surrounding design of Wenchuang come from the album of Dream of Red Mansions by Sun Wen, a painter of Qing Dynasty.

In terms of time, Yihetang's publicity time was earlier than Ruixing, but the official launch time of the activity was later than Ruixing. Xu was not well publicized in the early stage, and worried that Ruixing's joint activities would be stolen after they were launched. Yihetang interacted with Ruixing after the official publicity activities, taking this opportunity to publicize his own joint activities.

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