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How should I buy the brewing utensils needed for hand-made coffee? How to choose hand punch, filter cup and electronic scale?

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, Once you have experienced the beauty of hand-made coffee, it is easy for people to get caught up in it. Most of the hand flushes that people drink at first are made by baristas in coffee shops or by friends around them. Over time, the coffee brewed by others will be difficult to meet their own needs. So, most of it,

Once you have experienced the beauty of hand-made coffee, it is easy for people to get caught up in it. Most of the hand flushes that people drink at first are made by baristas in coffee shops or by friends around them. Over time, the coffee brewed by others will be difficult to meet their own needs. As a result, most of my friends began to think about it at this time, ready to buy a set of their own cooking utensils!

But once on the shopping platform, a dazzling variety of styles makes people difficult. How should I buy so many appliances? It doesn't matter, Qianjie will come to share how to maximize the value of this limited budget!

"emmm... Is to share, hand flushing equipment, how to buy the best. "if you think about it, there are only a few core utensils necessary for hand cooking: a bean grinder for grinding coffee beans, an electronic scale for weighing and reusing, a hand flushing pot for brewing and injecting water, and a filter cup that acts as a filtering tool! We only need to allocate the budget according to the importance of these instruments, and we will be able to maximize the limited budget.

Bean grinder is the most important instrument in this, not one of them! The quality of the bean grinder determines whether you can make good coffee. Of course, the good use here refers to whether the coffee particles ground out of it can be uniform.

Qianjie often says that there are many "bean choppers" in the market under the name of bean grinders. They just chop up the coffee beans and do not guarantee the uniformity of the particles. So the particles ground with them are generally of different sizes, very uneven, and the fineness is very poor! Using these coffee particles of different sizes for brewing will lead to a serious deviation in the extraction, that is, uneven extraction! Therefore, the goal of our bean grinder is to have uniform grinding ability of these machines! The price of these bean grinders is basically up to 200 yuan. the higher the price, the finer the grinding function and the more uniform the particles. But even if it is a fine bean grinder, the ground coffee powder will have a certain amount of very fine powder. Therefore, Qianjie suggests that when you buy a bean grinder, you can also be equipped with a powder sieve, so that you can screen out a large amount of fine powder due to over-fine grinding, so as to avoid the clogging problem caused by fine powder.

When we have finished choosing the bean grinder, the second most important thing is to wash the pot by hand! The selection of hand flushing pot can be screened in turn from three aspects.

The choice of hand flushing pot-temperature control & non-temperature control version or non-temperature control version can be decided according to your wallet and whether you have other water-boiling equipment at home! The two have no effect on the taste of coffee, and the difference between them is only in terms of operation. If you choose a hand flushing pot without a temperature control module, then you need to be equipped with an extra thermometer to measure the water temperature, just like Qianjie.

The choice of hand punch-spout when we choose between temperature control and non-temperature control, we have to choose the core of the hand punch-"spout". The article on the street two days ago has been related to the explanation of the spout, the main reason is that the design of the spout will affect the difficulty of water control. Interested friends can move to this article to learn more about "how does the spout affect the flow of water?" "!

If it is a friend who wants to cook quickly, Qianjie suggests buying a gooseneck pot. Because this type of spout is less difficult to control water, it is more helpful for beginners to quickly master water control skills; if you want to challenge something a little more difficult, you can choose a wide-mouth pot, so that you can have more playability after practice!

The capacity of the hand pot to choose the size of the hand pot to hedge the impact of water injection when cooking is actually relatively large! Many friends will think that they will only brew coffee for one person and buy a handmade pot with a capacity of 300ml. But in fact, the body of the kettle is too small to tilt the center of gravity forward, and the current is difficult to control. Moreover, we need to pour more water than expected when cooking, and only in this way can we deal with different ways!

Of course, being too big is also a kind of trouble. it is not only difficult to use, but also an extra burden for friends with little strength. Therefore, Qianjie suggests that the capacity of the hand flushing pot should be within the range of 500ml~600ml.

Although the filter cup is the best representative item of hand-brewed coffee, compared with the former two, its choice can be slightly relaxed. The price gap of the filter cup is very wide, with affordable prices as low as tens of yuan and expensive prices as high as thousands of yuan! However, the difference between them is different from the price difference of the bean mill.

The price of the bean grinder is mainly linked to its performance, the finer the more expensive. On the other hand, the price of the filter cup is the change from the point of view of design patent, material and appearance, and these changes have little impact on cooking. Therefore, if you choose from the ratio of performance to price and performance, the resin version of V60 is definitely a good choice ~ after buying a filter cup, you can't forget to buy matching filter paper! The filter paper seems inconspicuous, but it still has a certain influence on the quality of coffee taste! The hand-washed filter paper used in Qianjie is made of bleached log pulp. Many friends will worry that the bleached filter paper will contain toxins or have a thick bleaching flavor, but these situations will only appear on inferior filter paper. Big brands of filter paper do not have to worry about this situation!

So Qianjie suggests giving priority to big brands when buying filter paper (such as Kono,kono transfer money for daily use in Qianjie! Don't buy inferior filter paper because it's cheap. by the way, you need to pay attention to one more thing when you buy it: whether the size and shape of the filter paper and the filter cup fit. Don't wait for you to buy a tapered filter cup and buy a cake filter paper. The front street thinks they don't fit together!

Electronic scales to visualize the data is the easiest way to get a pot of delicious hand flushing, so we need an electronic scale with timing function to visualize the data when cooking! In this way, even if the pot is not delicious, we can judge the problem according to the brewing time and liquid weight, so that the next brewing can avoid these problems and get a pot of high-quality coffee!

Sharing pots / cups such as sharing pots are optional. Just choose the cup according to your preferences. After all, it will not have any effect on the brewing of coffee! If you want to have a sense of ritual, then come to a professional sharing pot set ~ the price is about 100 ~ 150 yuan.


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