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How is the hanging-ear coffee made? How long will it last? What is the breeding period of coffee beans?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, If you want to talk about the products that have been made for the longest time in Qianjie stores, you have to hang up your ears. I believe that customers and friends who have bought a hanging ear in the store are well aware that it will take a short period of time to wait for the front street to be done after each order is placed. So the question is, why did Qianjie make such an inefficient decision? If it's like

If you want to talk about the products that have been produced for the longest time in front street stores, it has to belong to hanging ears. I believe that guests and friends who have purchased hanging ears in stores have a deep experience. After each order, it will always take a short time to wait for the front street to be freshly ground.

Then the question arises, why would Front Street make such an inefficient decision? If, like most stores, the ears are hung well in advance, then there is no need to mobilize a large number of people (with an explanation at the end of the article ~), and secondly, it can save customers waiting time. Why not? That's true, but we're not allowed to do that during the taste appreciation period of coffee with ears!

How long is the taste period of coffee? Here in front of the street to share a point, that is, coffee cooked beans have a shelf life of up to one year! In other words, coffee beans can be made into coffee for drinking (safe and harmless) during the year when they are properly placed. But you know,"shelf life" and "taste period" are not the same thing!

"Taste period" refers to the coffee beans after roasting, in a period of time will have the most full, the most rich taste, this time to brew it, you can feel the coffee's most comprehensive aroma characteristics, can also be said to be its flavor "heyday." And its disadvantage is that the time is too short! Compared to the shelf life, the taste period was only two months. Once you go beyond this point, you will brew coffee and drink it, and it will be difficult to experience the special flavor it has. So, friends, don't confuse the shelf life with the taste period ~

The above refers to only unground coffee beans, not ear-hanging coffee, ear-hanging coffee taste compared to coffee beans will be a quarter shorter, that is, a month! Therefore, Qianjie will insist on using the freshly ground way to let guests get a better drinking experience.

Why is the taste period of ear-hanging coffee shorter? Speaking of which, I have to mention the flavor composition of coffee! The coffee flavor we drink is mainly the aromatic substances hidden in the coffee beans, most of which have volatile characteristics. Therefore, from the moment the coffee beans are roasted, they will continue to evaporate and be discharged. But because coffee beans belong to a whole, has not been ground, so the volatile process will be slower! The ear-hanging coffee is a product that needs to be pre-ground, powdered, and then poured into the package. The problem lies here.

From the moment grinding begins, a large amount of volatile aroma will be crushed out with the coffee beans, which is why we smell so much aroma when grinding beans! Secondly, after coffee beans are ground into powder, the area exposed to air increases greatly, and the aromatic substances only found in the body will also accelerate the loss.

That is to say, after grinding, due to the large increase in the surface area of coffee beans, aroma substances will be lost faster! Even if freezing, or flushing nitrogen and other "preservation" operations, but also only let the aroma loss a little slower, the difference is not big. So that's why ear-hanging coffee needs to be freshly ground. The reason is that the taste period brought by pre-grinding is shortened!

This was also the reason why Front Street needed to mobilize a large number of people every time they made ear-hanging coffee. A small bag of ear hanging needs several people to cooperate with the production, in order to speed up the speed, reduce the contact between powder and air, so that the taste period is longer! Therefore, after friends get the ear-hanging coffee, it is best to drink it as much as possible within one month ~

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