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"is the Tims60 anniversary gift serious?!"

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop in the traditional Chinese view, if you reach the age of 60, you have to set up a banquet to celebrate your 60th birthday. By the same token, Tims, a chain coffee brand from Canada, celebrated its 60th birthday yesterday.

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In the traditional Chinese view, if you reach the age of 60, you have to put on a banquet to celebrate your 60th birthday. By the same token, Tims, a chain coffee brand from Canada, celebrated its 60th birthday yesterday, and this year is also the fifth year for Tims to enter the Chinese market.

To celebrate this important moment, Tims launched an one-and-a-half-month "weekly 9.9 welfare event" on the occasion of its 60th anniversary, capturing the current needs of Chinese coffee consumers. In addition, Tims also launched the 60th anniversary celebration, and you can get the 60th anniversary limited theme cup for free when you buy a designated package.

According to official information, there are three ceramic cups online, the overall design is simple and generous, coupled with the limited properties of the theme cup, many Tims fans said that they were captured by these beautiful theme cups, and the event has been launched and can't wait to wait for this anniversary gift from Tims.

Netizens who have received elaborate birthday gifts from Tims took photos, posted pictures on social platforms and sent birthday wishes to Tims, but some netizens took a close look at the cup and found flaws, complaining, "the cup is uneven, not smooth, and a vertical bulge has a great impact on the look and feel." can the lid work? The soft silicone is not as good as the disposable coffee cup lid, "the quality is average, the quality looks, it is not worth me to order a set meal".

According to the official explanation, the design source of this limited theme cup is the paper coffee cup, and the bulge on the smooth ceramic cup is to imitate the fit gap on the paper cup. in the official view, this specially designed small detail is a masterstroke in the design of the theme cup, but many consumers do not accept this special design. "the quality in hand is not as good as that of take-out paper cups." At first I thought I had got the defective product.

Apart from the fact that the bulge of the cup has been criticized, netizens are also very dissatisfied with the soft silicone cup lid matched with the theme cup. "the quality is really not good and the lid is still very difficult to cover." I'm grumpy. "the lid is soft and crappy." According to netizens' feedback, the soft silicone cup lid may be too tight in order to prevent leakage, and the official suggestion is to gently pull it and then put it on, but netizens still think that the cup lid has a poor sense of use.

Even if officials send warm tips with the cup and offer suggestions on the use of the cup lid, many netizens are still not satisfied with the 60th anniversary gift sent by Tims, saying frankly that it is the 60th birthday of their favorite brand, and that they want to support the brand out of affection. I never expected that the anniversary gift received would be so bad, the quality control of the ceramic cup was general, and the overall use was not as good as expected, and the money was not worth it at all. It's disappointing.

Tims good day China CEO Lu Yongchen said that Tims has been deeply loved by Chinese consumers since it entered the Chinese market, and will actively seize industry opportunities in the future to focus on user demand and accelerate product and service upgrading. However, according to the feedback from the celebration of the 60th anniversary, Tims still has a lot of work to do to capture the hearts of Chinese consumers.

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