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Coffee metaphysics? I heard that it would be better to extract tiger stripes from espresso? What is Crema?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/18, Recently, when Qianjie was diligently touching the fish, I saw such a comment on the Internet: "espresso with tiger markings will taste better than ordinary concentrate!" And the number of people in favor of it is very large, as if this kind of concentration would really taste better? Well, let's come to Qianjie today to share, after condensing it has tiger spots, whether or not

Recently, when Qianjie was diligently fishing, he saw such a comment on the Internet: "Espresso with tiger stripes will taste better than ordinary espresso! "

And the number of people who agree is very large, as if this kind of concentrate will really taste better? So today the front street to share, concentrated after it has tiger spots, whether it will really taste better? And how this tiger spot is formed,

What's a concentrate with tiger spots? When we extract the espresso, we can see that it floats on the surface of a thick layer of foam, which is the essence of the espresso machine-"Crema"(fat). Normally speaking, the surface color of this layer of oil is a golden gradient, although there is a chromatic aberration, but it is a gradual transition color.

"Tiger spots" refers to the appearance of an item, like tiger stripes, color difference is very large. The same applies to concentration. The condensed surface is no longer just a golden gradient, but many darker brown stripes appear. Because of its similarity to tiger appearance, it is often ridiculed as "tiger spot concentrate."

Because a lot of friends "tiger spot concentrate" is in the absence of signs, suddenly appeared! Therefore, if it were an era when information was underdeveloped,"tiger spot concentration" might also become a generation of metaphysics. However, in today's highly developed information dissemination, these situations can be easily explained, and its metaphysical name naturally does not exist. Back to the topic, how did this tiger spot form?

How does concentrated tiger spot form? It's actually very simple! As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the concentrated oil color of conventional extraction is not a single gold or yellow, but a golden gradient. From the composition of this oil, we can find the explanation for the gradual change and the formation of tiger spots!

Concentrated fat is a foam formed by pressing out the carbon dioxide and aroma substances emitted by coffee beans under high pressure. In addition to these substances, the extremely fine powder produced during grinding will also be pressed out together. And this very fine powder is the initiator of the color and taste of the oil.

When grinding too fine, too much fine powder, the surface of the concentrated oil will form tiger-like dark stripes because of the excessive amount of very fine powder! So, the tiger spots on the concentrate are actually fine powder.

So, is tiger striped concentrate really better than regular concentrate? Reasonably, there was no way to compare them directly, because they each had their own advantages! In addition to coloring, fine powder also has the function of increasing bitterness, which in turn can increase the body of coffee, so a tiger spot concentrate with more fine powder must have a higher body than regular espresso coffee! (Report! Skin bonus!) However, there are many negative effects brought by fine powder. The increase of fine powder will increase the bitterness and make the granular feeling more obvious. That is to say, the cleanliness of concentrated powder will be reduced to a certain extent. From the bottom of the glass after drinking the concentrate, we can observe that it will have more fine powder residue than the regular concentrate.

In summary, the tibe-spot concentrate does have an advantage over the conventional concentrate if the comparison is based on body, but the conventional concentrate without tibe-spots does have an advantage if the comparison is based on cleanliness.

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