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Pour it all out! Ruixing sauce flavor raw materials expired a large number of destruction!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop in 2023 Ruixing made a success on the social platform, thanks to Maotai's joint cooperation with Maotai's Maotai latte-- sales of more than 100 million on the first day of launch, driving up Ruixing's stock price on its own, and a number of entries on the hot search. This cup of coffee with cross-border cooperation

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Ruixing successfully made its way out on the social platform in 2023, thanks to Maotai's Maotai latte, which had sales of over 100 million on its first day of launch, pushed up Ruixing's stock price on its own, and made a number of entries on the hot search. This cup of coffee drink with cross-border cooperation has become an online celebrity among many drinks of Lucky overnight, contributing to the promotion of Ruixing's brand influence.

When Ruixing worked with Maotai for the second time, taking advantage of the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival to launch the year of the Dragon Maotai chocolate latte, once brilliant achievements did not appear again, the popularity of the Maotai latte receded like a wave, and became an out-of-date Internet celebrity who lost the halo of the protagonist.

Recently, according to the feedback of lucky employees, it was thought that the Maotai-flavored chocolate in the year of the Dragon, which was launched during the Spring Festival, would drive the sales of Maotai-flavored lattes, but the actual sales backfired, and the sales of Maotai-flavored drinks were slow to sell. As a result, the Maotai latte thick milk hoarded in the warehouse has no chance to be unsealed at all.

This batch of unopened raw materials were produced last year, and many of them are facing the embarrassing situation that they are about to expire. According to Lucky employees, Lucky's expired raw materials need to be destroyed by the store itself, such as milk and milk caps that cannot be used up after opening the seal, while such raw materials that have not yet been opened but are about to expire are also left to the stores to handle because there is no way to return them.

Therefore, lucky employees can only bleed in their hearts while unpacking boxes of unopened cases of Maotai latte thick milk and pour them into the pool and see with their own eyes that the raw materials are washed into the sewer by tap water. "my family has overdue more than 100 boxes." A bunch of people are picking up more than two points. "whose Maotai flavor box expires, oh, it's my house! it hurts the boss so much."

Many onlookers feel distressed to see bottles of soy sauce thick milk lattes poured out, although there is nothing wrong with dealing with temporary products, but this way of destruction is really a waste. Many netizens think that Ruixing can follow the example of the supermarket and sell temporary products at a low price, such as a 19-yuan Maotai latte at a store price that can be included in the 9.9 discount activity, allowing more consumers to buy, thus consuming raw materials.

"hurry up to 9.9, let me destroy", "said that expired, will not soon expire and sell at a lower price", "because this does not enjoy 9.9." no, no, no. So I haven't drunk it. "9.9 is worth buying.

Some netizens think that even if there is a discount, the sales volume of the Maotai latte may not change, because the product has been polarized since its launch, and some netizens after the curiosity attempt think that it "smells like the taste of a leader who drinks too much." others thought it was delicious and was captured by the Maotai latte after a try.

Therefore, some netizens think that products with novel flavors such as Maotai lattes are more suitable for short-term sales, rather than becoming daily products on the menu, otherwise, as soon as consumers' enthusiasm dissipates, it will lead to unsalable products, hoarding of raw materials and unconsumable raw materials. it will also cause these raw materials to be dumped into the sewers after expiration.

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