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Annoying! Will you be fined for taking out coffee shop food?!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop for many workers, the afternoon tea time of slowly tasting coffee needs to be squeezed out in their busy time, and sometimes they may encounter an emergency that they have to leave ahead of time before they finish drinking coffee, so many consumers will choose to play when buying coffee.

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For many workers, the afternoon tea time of slowly tasting coffee needs to be squeezed out in a busy time, and sometimes they may encounter the urgent matter of having to leave ahead of time before the coffee is finished. Therefore, many consumers will choose to use packing cups when buying coffee, so that in the above situation, there is no need to bother the clerk to pack up, but can just take it away.

However, if the use of packing cups as eating cups for convenience happens in coffee shops in South Korea, it may touch the fine warning line.

Recently, some netizens shared their notes on drinking coffee in South Korea, saying that after entering the store, the staff would ask whether to pack or eat together, and if they chose to pack, customers with packing cups would be reminded not to drink coffee in the store. if the clerk leaves it alone or is reported by someone who is willing to do so, the coffee shop may face a fine of up to 2 million won (about 11000 yuan).

Many netizens feel that the rules of Korean coffee shops are rigid and the practices are impersonal, so that consumers do not have a good service experience. But such rules are not the hidden rules of Korean coffee shops, but the local plastic restrictions on the catering industry, using the law to reduce the use of disposable products, in order to achieve the purpose of environmental protection.

"the shop owner will be punished for using disposable tableware in the restaurant. They check it very strictly. Respect other people's rules."it is also true to eat. If you pack a box, you can't change your mind to eat in the store, otherwise the store will be fined." although this rigid rule can reduce the use of disposable products to a certain extent, many netizens still think that this rule is troublesome and impractical.

Netizens living and working in South Korea suggest that they can bring their own cup to coffee shops to drink coffee. In this way, consumers can not only keep their freedom, but also enjoy the discounted price of their own cups in most coffee shops, which is also a local way of coffee takeout. Environmentally friendly economy, friendly to consumers and businesses.

And customers who bring their own cups to other restaurants will not face some embarrassing situations. According to the experience shared by netizens, if you take out coffee or other food to a restaurant, the food that uses take-away packaging will be reminded by the clerk not to eat, or taken away by the clerk for safekeeping.

Other countries that pay attention to environmental protection, such as Japan and the Netherlands, will also introduce relevant laws and regulations in order to reduce the use of disposable products, although the ruthless provisions appear to be inhumane and do bring some inconvenience to consumers, but from the perspective of environmental protection, high fines, higher taxes and other measures play a certain role in reducing the use of disposable products by businesses.

But there are still many netizens who feel that this regulation is too bad for consumers' good feelings towards businesses, and that it would be too wasteful if the unfinished coffee can not be packed and taken away. In fact, netizens are wrong about this. Most South Korean coffee shops are allowed to pack and take away the unfinished coffee, but customers can no longer sit in the store and drink slowly after switching to a packed cup, and the clerk will ask someone to leave because they may be reported and fined.

Therefore, when traveling to a coffee shop to buy coffee, you should consider whether to eat in a restaurant or to take out, or to bring a cup of coffee in your own thermos cup once and for all.

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