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What?! Manner broke down again in a new cup?!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop yesterday, Manner Coffee officially posted a message on its official account that it launched the 50000 ceramic cups jointly signed by MANNER and WEDGWOOD on March 4th. After the launch of the news,

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Yesterday, Manner Coffee officially posted a message on its official account that the 50000 ceramic cups jointly signed by MANNER and WEDGWOOD were launched on March 4. After the launch of the news, the "Royal Royal" joint event, which has been hotly discussed on social networks, has further attracted more consumers' desire for collection.

This morning, some netizens posted notes on the Little Red Book platform, saying that the Manner Coffee Mini Program server "exploded" due to excessive traffic, and that he finally successfully placed an order for the ceramic cup jointly launched with Wedgwood, but the final order was forced to be refunded due to Mini Program failure leading to normal use.

Many consumers have said in the comments area that they have encountered the same situation. Soon after the payment for the order was successfully issued, the Mini Program page popped up, "the store is temporarily unable to receive the order. The system will automatically initiate a refund process", "overtime cancellation", "store cancellation" and other warm tips.

In this regard, some netizens said that "briefly grabbed", "got the joint ceramic cup and bag flew", the joint activity has undoubtedly become a regret in the hearts of some consumers.

Some netizens also said that although his Mini Program page also showed hints of system failure and refund, he tried to place an order many times because of his fondness for the joint ceramic cup.

Later, when I checked the status of the order again, I was surprised to find that all the orders told were displayed as "waiting to be picked up". Netizens want to return some successful orders, but after confirmation, they are told by the Manner clerk that "they have entered the system and cannot be returned." This series of accidents made the netizen sigh, "this is really a speechless event."

On the other hand, Manner launched this limited edition joint ceramic cup activity, although some consumers were unable to place orders or normal refunds because of the influx of Mini Program users this morning, but there were still many netizens who were able to buy successfully. It can be said that some people are happy and some are sad, some people have got the joint money they like, and some people are still waiting for the system to automatically refund.

In addition, some consumers reported that after buying the limited set of hanging ear cups launched by Manner Coffee and Wedgwood, they found that the production date of the coffee was November 15 last year, which made him wonder whether the joint event was cleaning up the inventory of products.

According to netizens, it may be because the order volume of the store is too hot, and the barista took it by mistake when he was busy, mistakenly using "SOE26 random ear" as a gift, rather than the "SOE07 mixed ear" given by the original event configuration.

Today, the entire coffee market is developing rapidly, and as a service industry, we should pay more attention to consumers' shopping experience to ensure that every consumer can enjoy a pleasant and smooth shopping process, so as to win long-term development.

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