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Starbucks "Spring Wreath", netizens: is it appropriate to turn off the lights?!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, ▲ Click follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop as we all know, Starbucks, as an international well-known chain coffee brand, has not only won the love of many consumers in terms of high-quality coffee and intimate service, but also has always made store staff unique on specific festivals in recent years.

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As we all know, as an international well-known coffee chain brand, Starbucks has won the favor of many consumers not only in high-quality coffee and intimate service, but also on specific festivals in recent years. Starbucks always gives store clerks ingenious layout with a variety of decorations.

Among them, the wreath is the most common, these well-designed wreaths not only beautify the store environment, but also convey festive blessings and warmth to customers.

However, on Feb. 26, a netizen posted on the social platform that he had found a unique decoration in a Starbucks store, which made him wonder: is it appropriate for you to turn off the lights for this decoration? After the post was sent out, it naturally caused a heated discussion on the Internet.

In this regard, too alternative decorative style may make passers-by feel a little scared when they pass by at night.

At the same time, passers-by in the same building said they also saw the decoration during the day, with the words "spring blossoms" written on it, and took pictures. In this regard, some people said that the flower blossoms, you are rich and noble. On the other hand, some netizens think that even during the day, the decoration looks "scary" and even looks more like a traditional "wreath".

Although there are different views on the wreath decoration in Starbucks stores, many consumers think they look good. At the same time, some netizens believe that these decorations not only add a sense of atmosphere to the store, but also make her think of the inspiration for making decorations this Christmas. This happens to show that people have different ideas about the style of decoration and the occasions in which they are used.

In fact, there are a lot of creative works by consumers who are "money-saving experts" with co-branded peripheral or brand materials. Take coffee chains such as Manner, Mstand, Luckin Coffee and Starbucks as examples. For example, the picnic pads launched by Manner activities have been changed to handmade bags, and the surroundings of Lucky cause all kinds of exquisite DIY.

When these works are shared on social media, they bring more popularity to the brand. For chain coffee brands, encouraging and supporting consumers' creative practice is undoubtedly a win-win strategy.

Generally speaking, although the wreath decoration of Starbucks stores has aroused heated discussion and ridicule among netizens, everyone has a different view of things, some people think it is not suitable, and some people feel like it.

In fact, no matter what the decoration style is, what is more important is that Starbucks can continue to listen to the voices of customers, and at the same time keep thinking about the innovation of decoration and the acceptance of consumers, so as to create a store environment that is both beautiful and in line with the public's aesthetics. so that every consumer who walks into the store can feel warm and comfortable.

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