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Guests become shopkeepers "mouth for" to drive customers, netizens: not suitable!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop for many coffee shopkeepers, noisy children should be one of the customers they are afraid to encounter. Most of the public impression of the cafe is quiet and comfortable, and the noisy play of children may disturb the good environment in the shop.

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For many coffee shop owners, noisy children should be one of the customers they are afraid to encounter. Most of the public impression of the coffee shop is quiet and comfortable, and the noisy play of children may disturb the good environment in the shop and cause trouble to the guests who work or study in the coffee shop.

Therefore, nowadays, many coffee shops will post signs such as "No Children" at the door, clearly telling the customers who come to the store not to receive noisy children. However, some shopkeepers worried that they would get bad reviews and did not stop the noisy children who came to the store with their parents. They were silent and patient until the children and parents left the scene.

This is the case with a shopkeeper recently. According to the shopkeeper, the guest who took the children to the store for consumption did not control his children in time and allowed the children to make a scene in the store. As this was not the first time this had happened, the shopkeeper dared not open his mouth until an unbearable regular customer in the store said to stop it, the parent left with his noisy child and went back to the store with a complaint.

Netizens feel sorry for the shopkeeper, thinking that since parents take their children out, it is the responsibility of parents as guardians to keep their children from disturbing other guests in public. Therefore, they sympathize with the shopkeeper for receiving unfair complaints.

Some netizens suggest that shopkeepers should remind their parents before they enter the shop, or follow the example of other coffee shops and post "no kids" in a conspicuous place, so as to avoid similar incidents and better maintain the environment in the coffee shop.

However, some netizens noticed that in this incident, the shopkeeper did not come forward to stop it, but the frequent customers in the store couldn't stand it and argued with their parents. This made some netizens think that the shopkeeper's practice was inappropriate. "if you don't restrain noisy customers, you are driving them out on your own."it's better for merchants to come forward to remind them at this time. Other customers will blow up most of the time to communicate, and businesses have the obligation to maintain the environment in the store."

Netizens believe that when the noise of the children in the store affects others, the shopkeeper or clerk should come forward in time to stop it, instead of making the affected guests unbearable to dissuade them. The customers who come to the store originally want to enjoy the environment in the store and feel the service of the coffee shop, but they do not want to be the mouthpiece of the shopkeeper to maintain the environment in the store.

In addition, some netizens said that they are the kind of guests who will not open their mouth to stop others. If they are disturbed by a bear child in a coffee shop, they prefer that the shopkeeper will help them solve the problem. If the shopkeeper and the clerk are indifferent, they will only persuade themselves to quit. Never patronize this coffee shop again.

Creating a comfortable and quiet coffee shop environment requires not only the consciousness of the guests who come to the shop, but also the operator's initiative to maintain it when necessary. in the netizens' view, it is inappropriate for this incompetent coffee shop owner to shift the contradiction to regular customers and parents. it is wrong for parents to fail to control their bear children, but the shopkeeper's "doing nothing" can not be recognized, which may damage other guests' good feelings towards the coffee shop. So that customers who used to like coffee shops are not willing to spend again.

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