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It's curly! Xiaomi is going to open a coffee shop!

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Last Updated: 2024/04/19, ▲ Click follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop, as a well-known technology brand in China, Xiaomi is best known as a cost-effective smartphone, which makes Xiaomi the third largest mobile phone brand in the world, with a large number of loyal users. In recent years, Xiaomi is no longer satisfied with the smartphone market.

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As a well-known domestic technology brand, Xiaomi is best known for its cost-effective smartphone, which makes Xiaomi the third largest mobile phone brand in the world, with a large number of loyal users. In recent years, Xiaomi is no longer satisfied with the smartphone market, constantly trying to cross-border innovation, electric vehicles, household appliances, smart home and so on have become part of Xiaomi's new business.

At the same time, the coverage of brand products has gradually expanded, making Xiaomi pay more attention to communication with users. Xiaomi has set up Xiaomi homes in various places to interact with consumers in this form and enhance mutual understanding. It is also conducive to the development of products that better meet the needs of the market. However, according to some consumer feedback, Xiaomi House is more like a product showroom. Although Xiaomi House can learn about brand products and relevant product information through Xiaomi House, for users, Xiaomi House lacks a sense of product experience. I don't feel like home.

Therefore, in order to get closer to users, understand their needs and enhance the sense of product experience, as well as to better demonstrate the advantages of Xiaomi's smart living technology, Xiaomi opened the world's first Xiaomi coffee shop in Milan, Italy, Via Verziere 3 yesterday.

The Xiaomi Cafe in the photo is divided into the upper and lower floors. Although it is a Milan apartment with an area of just over 200m2, the bright floor-to-ceiling windows and the iconic "Xiaomi Orange" on the signboard allow passers-by not to miss this unique "Millet House".

According to Milano Today, Xiaomi Cafe in Milan's historic centre, Via Verziere 3, is open from 8am to 7pm from Monday to Friday, serving breakfast, lunch and aperitif, no dinner and no fine dishes, but Xiaomi Cafe offers coffee drinks, products in cooperation with Lavazza and cream omelets designed by Adriano del Mastro, as well as light snacks with cocktails or other drinks.

Consumers who arrive at the store can experience brand products and experience the real experience after the integration of Xiaomi intelligent life technology and real furniture in this comfortable space of integrating millet ecosystem. Compared with the previous Xiaomi House, the product experience of Xiaomi Cafe has been greatly improved, and consumers can try Xiaomi products in a leisure and comfortable space to better understand the performance.

In addition, Xiaomi Coffee Shop provides consumers with space for meetings, where consumers can organize activities, chat or work while enjoying coffee or aperitif, and give users an extraordinary product experience in a concrete scene.

Andrea Crociani, marketing manager of Xiaomi Italy, said that Xiaomi Cafe aims to bring people closer to the products in the family space and experience the complete experience of Xiaomi's smart life in the family space, so Xiaomi combines the cafe with the meeting place to innovate and connect users with the integrated intelligent environment in this excellent social space.

From this point of view, the location of the Xiaomi Cafe in Italy "does not mean coffee". Knowing that there are tigers in the mountains, the boss of Starbucks also started the further development of Starbucks because he went to Italy, but even so, he did not compete for a place in this birthplace of Italian coffee, and Xiaomi Coffee, perhaps, can only be an iconic attempt.

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