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Scary! Pull the flower out of a "Cai Xukun"?!

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, ▲ Click to follow | the daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop "barista", the barista standing at the bar operates the coffee machine to dispense a jar of smooth milk, fuses it with espresso liquid, injects and shakes it, and draws a beautiful pattern on the brown liquid surface. The whole process of flower drawing is smooth and smooth.

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"Sizzle," the barista standing at the bar operates the coffee machine to send out a jar of dense and smooth milk, blends it with espresso, injects it, shakes it, draws beautiful patterns on the brown liquid surface, and the whole flower pulling process flows smoothly, which can be called a visual feast.

And this is also a lot of coffee lovers fall into the flower pit opportunity, coffee white people practice the control of the water flow day after day, swing, only hope that one day like a barista like a lift is a noble beautiful swan,"think too cool."

However, behind every successful flower pulling there are countless failed works, whether the flower champion or novice white, there will be missed rollover, leaving "ugly work" time, such as abstract thousand layers of heart, crooked tulips, a spoon can knock wooden fish and so on, some works are even too abstract, the creator himself wants to give his own works a pull can do nothing, because really can not see this is what kind of pattern ah!

However, not all rollover works are strange and unattractive. Occasionally, baristas may make unique "works of art." For example, the following netizen, tulip did not pull into, the rest of the milk randomly poured, unexpectedly appeared a "art work" named "a man's flower in the heart," do not look closely there is a bit like a basketball star.

Just when the "art master" was surprised by his unintentional work, some netizens couldn't help but release an emoji pack. Don't say, the similarity between the two is extremely high, but the man's back "has a head, arms, waist and buttocks," which shows that it is a handsome man's back, slightly better than the emoji pack.

In addition, the "art creation" inspired by the "flower masters" also includes the following:

Aladdin's lamp that allows you to make three wishes for him (no guarantee that they will come true)

Coffee flower version white

Love, Dora.

The graceful figure of the beautiful woman with raised buttocks, graceful and curling away

Photographic mosquitoes (but also octopus)

These artistic creations are basically unintentional by the "masters." Most of them may only exist for a while and are difficult to reproduce. The highly skilled world flower drawing champions may not be able to perfectly reproduce these works of art.

However, if you want to use alternative utensils to pull flowers, you can have a competition. Pumpkin, sweet potato and pitaya are not very novel. The public even feels aesthetic fatigue. Try small utensils: egg shell, spoon, kung fu tea cup, or pull out a tulip in your palm, known as "flower in palm."

The flower will not have much effect on the overall taste of latte, but it can give a cup of coffee a different aesthetic feeling, and it can also reflect the barista's pursuit of skill and creativity. Even basic patterns such as layers of hearts and leaves require constant practice by baristas to present perfect patterns on the coffee surface.

Occasionally, although the rollover does not necessarily lead to artistic flower works every time, it is also proof of the hard work of the baristas ~

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