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Can the filter cup also adjust the flow rate? Introduction to the use skills of Hero variable speed cake flat bottom filter cup

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, Last week, when I was surfing in Qianjie, I came across a flat-bottomed filter cup that can be used for more than one cup, so I was curious to start with it. It is the variable speed cake filter cup that coffee utensils brand Hero launched last year, so today we will talk about its experience. According to the introduction of the players who have already started, this variable speed

Last week, when I was surfing in Qianjie, I came across a flat-bottomed filter cup that can be used for more than one cup, so I was curious to start with it. It is the variable speed cake filter cup that coffee utensils brand Hero launched last year, so today we will talk about its experience.

According to players who have already started, this variable speed cake filter cup has three extraction modes to provide arbitrary switching for brewers, and the flat-bottomed design is very friendly to beginners and can be used not only as a smart cup, but also as a coffee cup.

After the Qianjie got it, I also observed the filter cup: it adopts the structure design of double-layer manual knob, which is suitable for cooking 1to 2 people with 185cake-shaped filter paper, and is made of PCTG composite plastic, so it should not be hot when used.

The outer layer of the filter cup is a Roman column slightly raised outward, and at the bottom are three connected supporting prisms, overlooking the leak, like several separate small fans. The inner layer is a smooth surface folded vertically at the top and bottom. Six short ribs connect the cup wall to the bottom, and there are six small holes about 0.3cm in diameter at the bottom, each of which is adjacent to each other, and there are three protruding ribs about the length of 0.5cm in the middle for diversion.

The position of rotation is the top ring, which can be adjusted left and right to change the gear of launching. When the side turns to the "cut-off" gear, that is, all the diversion holes at the bottom are closed, the coffee is in the same soaking extraction mode as the smart cup; if the gear is changed to "one slow gear", there will be three holes to provide water, at this time the coffee extraction is in steaming mode; when you continue to turn counterclockwise and move the gear to "two uniform gear", all six holes will participate in water seepage, and coffee belongs to uniform extraction mode.

In the absence of coffee powder, Qianjie simply tested the launching speed of the two extraction gears of this filter cup. After putting on the filter paper, pour 100 grams of water, the "3-hole mode" ends in about 21 seconds, and the "6-hole mode" runs out in about 12 seconds. For the same amount of water, the V60 used in Qianjie daily production takes 16 seconds to infiltrate.

Needless to say, look for coffee beans in front of the street and play with them first, and use all three stalls to see how it works.

Coffee beans: Panamanian water wash butterfly powder quantity: 15g powder / water ratio: 1:15 Water temperature: 92 ℃ Grinding degree: EK43s scale 10 Water injection technique: three stages

In the first paragraph, set the gear to soak mode, pour water into 30ml, wet all the coffee powder and steam for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, twist the ring into a slow gear (3 holes), let the steaming water into the sharing pot, then evenly inject the second section of 100ml, while raising the powder layer. When the water level drops to 1 stroke 3, the gear is adjusted to the second frame of the maximum flow rate (launching with 6 holes), then the last section of 95ml is gently injected around the center, and the coffee liquid is dripped in 2 minutes and 26 seconds.

In this way, the butterflies are mostly drupe acid, mixed with the smell of caramel and black tea, the taste is thick and round, the texture is a little rough, and the tail rhyme is slightly bitter and not smooth after swallowing. In the front street, it is suspected that the soaking time of steaming is too long, and a large number of powder beds are piled at the bottom, resulting in stagnant water in the back section, so the coffee has been extracted.

Considering that this filter cup is flat-bottomed, soaking extraction can emphasize the alcohol thickness and sweetness of coffee. Qianjie chooses coffee beans with fermented flavor, and shortens the steaming time by 5 seconds, that is, opening the valve at 25 seconds. Enter the "slow gear" of 3 holes ahead of time. In the last paragraph, after the water is injected, the knob is moved to the "uniform gear" of 6 holes to make up for the problem of launching too quickly. Try to keep the other parameters the same as usual.

Coffee beans: Mozart, Costa Rica & Panama 90 + Juliet Rosa Powder quantity: 15g Powder / Water ratio: 1:15 Water temperature: 92 ℃ Grinding degree: EK43s scale 9.5Water injection technique: three-stage

The performance of Mozart flavor using the second group of parameters is obviously better than that of the first group, the coffee entrance has the aroma of dried raisins, blueberries and sweet-scented osmanthus, the sweetness is relatively clear, while Juliet has rich flavor such as grape juice, preserved fruit, guava, cocoa and so on. Alcohol thickness is good. The two kinds of beans are higher than V60 in terms of fermentation aroma and sweetness of preserved fruits. Accordingly, however, the characteristics of the cake cup also "sacrificed" some of the rising bright acidity of the coffee.

After a series of hot hand flushing, Qianjie decided to apply its variable speed function to ice hand flushing, using the combination mode of closed steaming and slow extraction, hoping to improve the extraction rate of coffee. For the choice of coffee beans, the front street here uses Milasu strawberry candy as a demonstration.

Coffee beans: Costa Rican strawberry sugar water temperature: 92 ℃ powder: 15g powder / water ratio: 1:10 (ice 100g in the lower pot) filter cup: Hario V60 & Hero variable speed cake filter cup Grinding: EK43s scale 9 three-stage water injection: 30g + 70g + 50g

When used with a variable speed filter cup, the first section of Qianjie is soaked with 30 grams of lock water. At 28 seconds, twist the ring into a slow gear (3 holes in the water), then evenly inject 70 grams into the second section, and then inject the last 50 grams from the center around the small circle when the powder bed is exposed. Both pots of coffee are finished in about 1 minute and 50 seconds.

After tasting and comparing, it is found that the iced coffee made with variable speed cake filter cup has a fuller flavor, such as fructose, preserved fruit, cream and peach. On the other hand, the iced coffee made with V60 shows a slight sense of water, and with the further dilution of the ice, the aroma is more common.

All in all, through the cooking experience of this Hero variable speed filter cup, Qianjie believes that it does provide a relatively new way to play in the extraction stage, allowing us to find more expressions on some of our favorite beans.

Some of the small details of use:

1. When using this variable speed filter cup in the front street, I feel that the clamping position of the knob is not smooth, and it requires two hands to rotate in the opposite direction at the same time to adjust the gear, which is easy to delay the timing of water injection, so move quickly.

two。 Unlike the flat-bottomed support of other conventional cake cups, the outer layer of this filter cup is closer to a bowl shape and is not easily fixed when placed directly on the sharing pot. Once touched, it will slide and tilt into the water, requiring manual return at any time.

3. Finally, as the filter cup is a double-layer design, the bottom seam is easy to accumulate coffee liquid or dregs. Qianjie suggests that after each use, it is best to rinse with flowing water and dry the droplets before drying.


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