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How do you make an iced cappuccino by pressing a kettle? Is ice Cappuccio hard to make?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, I wonder if you have found that it is rare to see an option with iced cappuccino on the menu of many coffee shops. Why? Is ice cappuccino very difficult to make? Qianjie decided today to explore the production of iced cappuccino. Let's see if this coffee is really that difficult.

I wonder if you have found that it is rare to see an option with iced cappuccino on the menu of many coffee shops. Why? Is ice cappuccino very difficult to make?

Qianjie today decided to take you to explore the production of ice cappuccino, let's see if this coffee is really that difficult to control!

The origin of cappuccino

The word cappuccino comes from the Italian word Cappuccino, which means "headscarf". In Italy, the word Cappuccio originally refers to the dark brown robes and pointed hats worn by members of the Catholic Church of St. Francis.

The cappuccino was named after people added milk to the espresso and found that the color of the cappuccino was similar to that of the St. Francis Church, so they creatively made the foam into the shape of a pointed hat and named it Cappuccino.

The traditional hot cappuccino is a mixture of espresso, hot milk and hot milk foam at 1:1:1. Milk foam is divided into dry and wet, dry milk foam is more abundant, can maintain a longer modeling effect, dense taste, while wet milk foam is relatively less, with fluidity, modeling time is shorter than dry milk foam, but the taste is also dense and smooth.

Teaching of Hot Cappuccino production

First, Qianjie pulled out a narrow ceramic cup with a capacity of 240ml. Using warm sun blend coffee beans, today's extraction parameters are 20 g coffee powder for 28 seconds to extract 40 g coffee liquid; milk is bright fresh milk, composed of 170ml steam milk and 1.5cm thick milk foam.

With the utensils and materials ready, the espresso can be poured into the cup.

Finally, pour the steam milk far from the liquid surface into the cup, mix and stir to about the thickness of the foam (11 minutes full from the appearance, showing a "hamburger shape" during deep baking and steaming).

In addition, Qianjie found that making a hot cappuccino also needs to pay attention to some details. For example, the coffee machine should control the time and temperature when extracting espresso to ensure the concentration of the coffee; when making milk bubbles, avoid passing the time and overheating to cause the milk to deteriorate or produce a bad taste, in order to produce dense and delicate milk bubbles.

Why don't coffee shops generally serve cappuccinos with ice?

Compared with the traditional hot cappuccino, the method of making ice cappuccino is slightly different. Its main feature is the use of iced milk and ice cubes, making the whole cup of iced coffee cool and dense.

As mentioned earlier, it shows a cool and dense taste, but the iced cappuccino coffee that many coffee shops do not serve is due to the complicated production process on the one hand and the taste of the combination of hot milk foam and iced coffee on the other. Not every customer can readily accept it. As a result, most coffee shops only serve hot cappuccino.

All right, then let the front street show you how to make iced cappuccino coffee bar. (ice cappuccino is not available in front street coffee every day. This is just the way baristas occasionally want to drink ice coffee with a thick taste.)

First of all, we need to prepare iced milk and ice cubes, as well as extracted concentrate and fresh milk (friends who do not have an espresso machine at home can use instant black coffee / separate packaging of espresso. Wait instead of).

Ice foam part: this step we can use the choice of milk foam machine or French pressure kettle, here in front of the street is the regular home pressure kettle.

Its production process is also very simple, pour the refrigerated milk into the French pressure pot, about half the position of the pot. Then draw the kettle back and forth about 20 times, beating the milk until the kettle is 8 minutes full. At this point, you can see that the container is full of milk bubbles. Pay attention to control the time and speed of the drawing method to press the pot, so as to avoid the milk foam being too thin or too thick.

When the ice foam is finished, you can begin to assemble the iced cappuccino! First, pour the right amount of iced milk at the bottom of the glass filled with ice.

Next, pour the extracted 40g espresso into the cup.

Finally, gently cover the ice foam with a spoon, so that a cup of homemade refreshing iced cappuccino coffee is complete!

It is worth mentioning that Qianjie found that ice cappuccino due to the use of iced milk and ice, the overall drinking experience will be more refreshing and dense, but at the same time due to the existence of ice, the coffee concentration and taste of the drink will also be affected to a certain extent. Therefore, in the production process, the parameters can be adjusted according to individual tastes and preferences to achieve the best taste effect.

If, as in front of the street, you are curious about the taste of hand-made iced cappuccino coffee, follow the above experimental steps to choose one of your favorite coffee beans and give it a try. Maybe it will bring you an unexpected surprise!


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