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Don't throw it! Coffee grounds can still be used when thrown into the pot.

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop nowadays many people buy coffee machines, which not only satisfy the experience of making their own coffee, but also drink coffee that is more suitable for their own taste, but produce a lot of coffee grounds after each production. Some friends will refer to the popular coffee grounds on the Internet for reuse.

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Nowadays, many people will buy a coffee maker, which not only satisfies the experience of making their own coffee, but also can drink coffee that is more suitable for their own taste, but a lot of coffee grounds are produced after each production. Some friends will refer to the popular coffee grounds on the Internet and reuse their tricks to ferment coffee grounds for growing flowers, or put them in refrigerators and shoe cabinets after drying.

However, these well-known coffee grounds popular tricks can no longer meet the needs of coffee lovers. They look at the small black round cakes on hand and wonder if coffee grounds can be applied to other things that need to be deodorized.

As a result, an enlightened netizen looked at the belly meat prepared to blanch in the kitchen, then looked at today's coffee grounds and threw them into the pot to cook with the raw meat. The coffee grounds that can remove the flavor should also remove the fishy smell of raw meat.

The netizen's bold attempt surprised many onlookers, "so... then can't you sleep after eating this meat?"Coffee-flavored pork?" "so does it work?" , "will the American flowers be bitter and astringent", "will it smell like coffee?" .

According to the netizen's personal test, there is no peculiar smell on the pork blanched with hot water mixed with coffee grounds, and there is no coffee smell, so it can be said that the deodorization effect of coffee grounds is no less than that of traditional cooking wine and seasonings such as spring onions, ginger and garlic. As for the situation that coffee grounds will be left on the pork belly, netizens said that James's meat was washed again with running water and then cooked. After cooking, the pork belly could not taste the coffee, and there was no problem that the masses were worried about not sleeping.

While some netizens were surprised, some netizens said that the method of using coffee to deodorize raw meat had already been tried. "this is the Korean way. When blanching spareribs, pour some instant coffee into it to remove the fishy smell." it turned out to be fishy to watch Korean bloggers put an instant strip of white-cut meat. According to netizens' attempts and sharing, in addition to instant coffee, espresso can also be used to deodorize food and add flavor and color to food.

However, the netizen who tried it said that his original intention was to reuse the coffee grounds before using it to fishy raw meat. Instant coffee or espresso may be better for food deodorization, but for yourself it may be putting the cart before the horse.

But the coffee grounds left on the meat do add extra cleaning work to the cook, so some netizens suggest that you can put the coffee grounds into a filter bag and then put them into hot water, so that you can achieve the effect of removing odor. it can also effectively prevent coffee grounds from flushing into the sewers, causing sewers to clog. Some netizens suggest that you can use hanging-ear coffee directly, which is convenient and convenient.

For those friends who do not like the taste of spring onions, ginger and garlic, it is a good way to use the leftover coffee grounds to deodorize the food after drinking coffee, but it is recommended for those who want to try to use freshly baked coffee grounds to avoid food safety problems.

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