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Can the coffee shop afford only one employee now?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop issues orders, catches the subway, and goes upstairs to work with a cup of coffee from the coffee shop in the office building. This should be an operation for many workers before they go to work. Therefore, for coffee shops set up in office areas and office buildings, the working hours of workers are also early in the shop.

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Placing an order, catching the subway, and going upstairs to the coffee shop in the office building to take a cup of coffee to work should be an operation for many workers before they go to work, so for coffee shops set up in office areas and office buildings, the working hours of the workers are also the morning peak in the store, and occasionally encounter which company will buy dozens of cups of coffee in the morning, the clerks will be very busy about it.

Recently, however, some netizens have found that there is only one employee behind the bar in the chain coffee brand stores they often visit, whether during the morning rush or afternoon tea. When the order burst, the waiting time for a cup of coffee is several times longer than before, waiting for people to suffer unceasingly.

It has been suggested that since this family has kept people waiting for too long, it is better to change to another coffee shop. There are so many coffee brands in the chain that they should be hung from a tree. But what is confusing is that even if they go to another brand of coffee shop, consumers still have to wait because, like the previous one, only one employee works at the bar. This makes consumers wonder, can coffee shops now afford only one employee?

In the face of such doubts, the employees of the chain coffee shop are very helpless, saying that if they can, most people do not want to watch the bar alone, but since last year's low-price coffee war, in order to reduce the operating costs of stores, many brands use low-cost coffee to seize the market while repeatedly controlling labor costs. Manner, Mstand and so on have adopted this method to maintain their own profit space.

The "Lucky Trinity incident", which caused dissatisfaction among Ruixing employees on social platforms in early March, also reflects that Ruixing, the number one in China's coffee market, will control labor costs. According to the analysis of some netizens, in the final analysis, this situation is due to the recession of the market economy. when the coffee season enters the off-season after March, the number of coffee drinkers will gradually decrease, and coffee shops with reduced sales can only reduce the operating costs of their stores by reducing their staff. in order to break even.

In terms of operation, arranging only one employee to work can save labor costs to a certain extent, but many netizens think that this practice may be counterproductive to coffee shops and may even fall into a vicious circle that is difficult to make a profit.

Just imagine, if only one employee is assigned to work in the store, the work pressure of this employee is bound to increase, affecting work efficiency and product quality control, which may lead to consumers having an unpleasant consumption experience, resulting in dissatisfaction and complaints about the coffee shop. in the long run, this may have a negative impact on the coffee shop. Previously, some consumers complained that Manner was understaffed and the meal was too slow and the service attitude was poor, so that many people said they would not patronize again.

From this point of view, for the operator, hiring only one employee may be "picking up the sesame and losing the watermelon". Although it can reduce labor costs, it will lead to dissatisfaction among employees and consumers. this may lead to a decline in store sales, an increase in bad reviews, and so on.

However, as far as the current coffee industry is concerned, products, services, prices and so on have not been changed, coffee brands may only have manpower costs to roll a roll.

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