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What is Body? How did the Body in the coffee come out? Can high concentration and low extraction increase the thickness of alcohol?

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, Body is good, Body is good. Baristas always talk about Body when they drink coffee, so many friends wonder: "how can it have anything to do with coffee when the word translates to mean" body, volume "? Right?! Qianjie was unreasonable at first.

Body is good, Body is good. Baristas always talk about Body when they drink coffee, so many friends wonder: "how can it have anything to do with coffee when the word translates to mean" body, volume "?

Right?! Qianjie didn't quite understand it at first, but with a deeper understanding, I finally figured out what it meant. As I shared in the street some time ago, "Body" is actually a technical term in coffee, which mainly refers to the taste and thickness of coffee (because the thickness of alcohol is also a kind of taste, so it refers to taste)! Whether a cup of coffee is good or not is not only judged by its flavor, its taste is also very important! Flavor refers to our taste experience, while taste is tactile feeling. Just like a cup of water and a cup of yogurt, the weight of shaking and tasting is very different.

When we evaluate the Body of a cup of coffee, we basically talk about whether the touch of the cup of coffee is comfortable or not. For example, when a cup of coffee tastes smooth, full, or thick, we can say that the Body of this cup of coffee is excellent; if it is thin, rough and dry, it is vice versa. The quality of Body in coffee depends mainly on the content of fat and cellulose. The higher the content of both in coffee, the better Body will be. So we can know why the Japanese like to use flannel so much when making it by hand, and why do the Italians prefer espresso? The essence of both is to retain more oil and improve the Body of coffee.

The excellent flavor alone is not enough to support the excellent quality of the whole cup of coffee, Body, tactile experience can not be left behind. So, what Qianjie wants to share today is: how to make high-quality coffee Body!

How to flush out the coffee Body? A friend is about to say: "reduce the proportion of powder and water, increase the concentration of coffee!" Obviously, this is a way to increase the concentration to get the taste! However, there is a misunderstanding here in Qianjie, that is: coffee Body is not exactly the same as coffee concentration.

Because the Body of coffee has nothing to do with the concentration of coffee, all the methods we know to obtain Body from high concentration and low extraction come from its specific brewing method. Through a specific brewing method to extract the oil and cellulose from the coffee, so as to improve the Body at the same time, so the most important thing is not the concentration, but the grease and cellulose we mentioned at the beginning!

In other words, as long as we extract more of the two when extracting coffee, we will be able to get higher quality Body!

Filter apparatus when we are brewing coffee, the larger the filter hole of the filter, the more oil it can seep out. The more grease, the thicker the Body. Therefore, if you want to pursue friends of thick Body, metal filter mesh and flannel filter cloth are all good choices.

Second, brewing time filter paper because its filtration performance is too strong, it is difficult to seep out the oil, so we can extend the brewing time to make coffee more extracted! However, if you extend the brewing time according to the original brewing parameters, it is easy to make it over-extracted. I believe no one wants to drink a cup of coffee that is too bitter. Then, we need to adjust the parameters to reduce the extraction efficiency, so that we can get higher Body while prolonging the time.

Qianjie recommends a set of extraction scheme for your reference, "stabilize the proportion, lower the water temperature, adjust the coarse grinding", and then use slower filter cups (such as Kono, Xingmang and other filter cups) to limit the flow rate. In this way, rich coffee substances can be obtained by soaking for a long time, and Body will be smoother as a result!

Third, the roasting degree of coffee beans has a certain impact on the oil holdings of coffee beans! The deeper the baking, the more fat! In the same way of cooking, deep-baked beans tend to be more mellow than shallow baked beans! If you want to experience a very thick Body, you can get a lot of thick Body by replacing the beans with deep-baked beans and pairing the first two!

Finally, what Qianjie wants to say is: the existence of Body is important, but not every cup of coffee needs thick Body to support, it can also be light! The light Body does not mean that the cup of coffee is very thin, but that the cup of coffee makes people feel very comfortable. In the case of full flavor, there is no too heavy tongue pressing feeling, this is light ~ and this kind of Body is mostly found in lightly roasted coffee. So, which one do you prefer, Fish or Bear's paw?


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