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Use the knife staff to drink! Lucky to reduce the cost of the new rules caused controversy

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Last Updated: 2024/04/19, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop some partners choose to become baristas in order to experience the work of coffee shops, while others like to drink enough coffee in coffee shops and enter the coffee industry. Many coffee beaters confess that they like to drink coffee and work in coffee shops.

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Some friends choose to become baristas in order to experience the work in coffee shops, while others like to drink enough coffee in coffee shops and enter the coffee industry. many coffee beaters confess that they like to drink coffee. Working in a coffee shop wants to achieve the goals of making money and drinking free coffee at the same time.

The same is true of lucky employees, although they are very busy during the peak period, but the drinks they make for themselves in their spare time become a reward for themselves, and they will be better able to cope with the next peak period after satisfying themselves.

The benefits given to employees by Ruixing are very generous. According to Rui Lucky's old employees, they can have a drink after four hours of working hours. If they work on a day's shift, some employees will have a drink by themselves and then pack a drink to take away. Although there may be different restrictions on ingredients in different stores, lucky employees who do not want to drink drinks on the formula can use limited ingredients to make a drink that is not on the menu.

This benefit is undoubtedly a very good employee benefit for coffee drinkers, and many young people join Ruixing because of their employees' drinking. Recently, however, lucky employees reported that they were caught by surveillance cameras when they were not drinking according to the formula, so that the store was warned and the store manager was ordered to write a report.

In addition, how to report the consumption of raw materials for employees has also become a headache for employees. According to the feedback of some employees, employees were free to mix all kinds of raw materials and make drinks that were not in the formula. When reporting wear and tear, they could report the raw materials or the drink closest to the formula. But now many lucky stores are no longer allowed to make employee drinks freely in order to reduce wear and tear.

Many Lucky employees complain that Lucky is cutting employee benefits. "I drink it just for employees. I'm speechless even though I don't drink enough working hours."We don't give it to many shops. When we ask, we say that reducing wear and tear is a little bit of loss."now it's interesting to catch employees to drink again. Employees don't do anything right."We don't give diy much because of this wear and tear."

Since the "Lucky Trinity incident", Lucky employees have had a problem with the rule that one person is on duty at the store, thinking that Lucky arranged arbitrarily without considering the actual working conditions of the staff for the sake of cold data, and once there is a shortage of staff in the store, the number of customer reviews and complaints will increase, and the staff on duty will be more criticized and miserable as a result.

In the current unfriendly work environment, employee benefits have been cut, which makes workers in the hot water complain all the more about the recent reforms introduced by Lucky.

Since the announcement of last year's results, Ruixing has first raised the price of drinks, then reduced labor costs and controlled the consumption of raw materials in order to increase profit margins. However, judging from the feedback on the Internet, various measures to raise prices and reduce costs have caused dissatisfaction among consumers and employees. Ruixing thinks that increasing the profits of offline stores may backfire.

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