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Indonesian Coffee Bean | introduction to PWN Gold Manning in Sumatra

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, In Asia, there are many coffee producing countries, such as Papua New Guinea, Yunnan, Vietnam, Indonesia and so on. Indonesia is famous for its fourth largest coffee producer in the world and Mantenin coffee beans. Indonesia Coffee Indonesia is a Southeast Asian country, with Papua New Guinea, East Timor and

In Asia, there are many coffee producing countries, such as Papua New Guinea, Yunnan, Vietnam, Indonesia and so on. Indonesia is famous for its fourth largest coffee producer in the world and Mantenin coffee beans.

Indonesian coffee

Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia, connected with Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Malaysia. Is composed of 17508 islands, is the world's largest archipelago country, across Asia and Oceania, is also a volcanic country, the territory has more than 17508 volcanoes.

Indonesia straddles the equator and has a tropical rain forest climate. The climate is warm and humid throughout the year. The average temperature is between 25 ℃ and 27 ℃ degrees. It is divided into dry and wet seasons because of the monsoon. Indonesia is rich in natural resources, many rivers, forest coverage of 67.8%, coupled with volcanic soil, is an ideal area for growing coffee. At present, coffee trees are planted in many islands in Indonesia, and coffee producing areas are also divided into islands, such as Sulawesi, Bali, Java and Sumatra.

Sumatra Sumatra Island

Sumatra, located in western Indonesia, is the largest island in the country. The island runs from northwest to southeast and is mainly composed of the Bali Mountains in the west and the lowland plains in the east. The island has more than 90 volcanoes. Due to the influence of volcanic ash, some areas are fertile, which is conducive to agricultural cultivation such as coffee. It also has many rivers and lakes, the most famous of which is Lake dopa. At present, in Sumatra, coffee is mainly grown in the GAYO Mountains of Aceh Province in the north and the eastern part of Lake dopa slightly to the south, where most of these areas are planted between 1100 meters and 1600 meters above sea level. Qianjie Coffee has a wet-planed Lindong Mantenin coffee, which is sweet with herbal, dark chocolate and caramel flavors.

Manning Mandheling

Mantenin, also known as Sumatran Coffee, is produced in Lake dopa in Sumatra Province and Lake Tawa in Aceh Province. But Manning does not refer to coffee varieties or place names, but to a group of people on the island. At that time, during World War II, a Japanese officer had a good coffee in an Indonesian cafe and asked the shop owner the name of the coffee, but the shop owner thought he was asking where he was from, so he replied Mandheling. Then bring the coffee back to Japan and keep the name Manning down.

PWN Gold Manning

PWN, whose full name is Pwani Coffee Company, was founded in 1957 and is engaged in the export of Indonesian products such as coffee, rubber, cinnamon, cloves and patchouli oil. It is the first Indonesian company to export coffee from North Sumatra and the first company to make Manning Coffee famous in Japan.

Almost all the best producing areas in Indonesia have been acquired by the company, so most of the coffee beans produced by PWN are boutique coffee. Gold Manning is the product produced by this company. After the acquisition of raw beans, multiple manual selection is made to select the full and flawless beans. Finally, these coffee beans after layers of screening can be divided into Golden Manning. And PWN also registered gold manning as a trademark, so only PWN produces the real "golden manning". In 1968, Nomura Trading Company in Osaka, Japan visited the Indonesian PWM Company and imported 15000 kilograms of Sumatra Mantenin Coffee, which became very popular in the Japanese market. Since then, Mantening Coffee and Pwangni Coffee Company have become famous.

Front Street Coffee PWM Gold Manning Coffee Bean production area: Sumatra Aceh GAYO Mountain Manor / processing Plant: PWM Company altitude: 1100-1600 m Variety: ateng (Katim Catimor) treatment: wet baking: deep baking flavor: baked toast, pine, caramel, cocoa, herbal flavor

This Qianjie Coffee comes from PWN's gold Mantenin coffee beans using wet planing method, deep roasting, the front street using KONO filter cup, 1:15 ratio, 88 ℃ to brew, the entrance will have baked toast, pine, caramel, cocoa flavor, taste rich and mellow, the overall level is varied, rich, balanced, the finish has a lasting caramel sweetness.