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Manner mug broken, netizen: dare not use it!

Published: 2024-07-18 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/07/18, ▲ Click follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop at the end of last month, Manner's new cup delivery event in the year of the Dragon successfully attracted consumers' attention, and many netizens took a fancy to this retro mug and issued an order to buy a set meal. Although some netizens complain that the cup "hits the face" of IKEA, there are still many consumers.

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At the end of last month, Manner's new cup delivery event in the year of the Dragon successfully attracted consumers' attention, and many netizens took a fancy to this retro mug and placed an order to buy a set meal. Although some netizens complained that the cup "hit the face" of the same Ikea model, many consumers still paid for the appearance of the mug.

However, recently, some netizens posted that after using this Manner mug, it didn't feel right when cleaning the cup. I found that the handle of the cup was broken. The netizen said that he did not expect that the mug that had not been used for a long time would suddenly break down, and kindly advised other netizens who owned the same mug to pay attention to safety when using it.

Coincidentally, one netizen said that he had experienced a similar situation when the grip of the cup suddenly broke while drinking coffee with a Manner mug. The unprepared person was not only covered by the liquid in the cup, but also cut his hand holding the cup by a sharp gap.

When this retro mug printed with Manner brand logo was launched, the quality control of the cup was complained by netizens that there was obvious color difference in the cup, a small gap in the mouth, leakage at the bottom of the cup as soon as it was used, the handle of the cup was skewed, the glaze inside the cup was uneven, and so on, which made many netizens question whether Manner was helping suppliers deal with defective mugs.

As for the breaking of the handle of the mug, many customers who had bought the cup said bluntly that they were frightened, "I have cracks in it after four days," and "if I just dropped my ear with a cup of hot coffee …..." "there are cracks in my cup", "I'm afraid I'll break one day", "my tiger body shakes when I drink tea with this cup".

Some netizens believe that if consumers start to use the cup after receiving it, it will be less than a month now, and in such a short period of time, the handle of the mug will suddenly break and the handle will cut people, so it is hard not to doubt that there is a quality problem with the Manner mugs themselves.

In addition, the ceramic cup jointly signed by Manner and Wikiwood has also been questioned as a defective product by netizens. Wikiwood is known by netizens as Herm è s of catering utensils, and the joint name also attracted consumers' attention because of its brand reputation and product quality, and many consumers said bluntly that they decided to buy because of Wikiwood.

However, this "royal" ceramic cup also has many defects, such as incomplete gold pattern, cracks at the junction of the grip and the cup body, scratches and so on, disappointing consumers who are looking forward to it.

Some netizens said that since Manner wants to use the activity of buying coffee and giving away cups to attract consumers to buy and drive product sales, there should also be a corresponding basic guarantee for the quality of the gifts, rather than making consumers afraid to use them for fear of breaking the handle after taking them home.

In addition, netizens believe that the quality of gifts for Manner activities has quality control problems again and again, which will have a negative impact on Manner and joint brands. Some of the consumers of Manner consume drinks because of the gifts they are excited about. If the quality of gifts declines, the cups that appeal to consumers become beautiful waste, and the subsequent buying and giving activities of Manner may be affected to a certain extent.

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