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Outrageous! The packing cup is cracked! Tims publicly apologizes!

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Tims, which originated in Toronto, Canada, is known as the Canadian "national coffee". Warm fresh coffee accompanies its loyal consumers through spring, summer, autumn and winter, and is an indispensable partner for workers who need caffeine to refresh themselves.

Ms. Catherine Nasiopoulos, who lives in Ontario, is a long-time customer of Tims coffee. She drinks one or two cups of coffee every day, and it has become part of her life to take it away from Tims stores, but in the past two months she has been forced to change her habits because of a flaw in the packing cups offered by Tims, forcing her to bring mugs with her to buy coffee.

Last month, Nasiopoulos filed a complaint with Tims headquarters about the packing cup, but received no response. She said there was a quality problem with the Tims packing cup she used recently, and the cup collapsed after filling the hot coffee, which led to the outflow of coffee liquid, which she has faced no less than 15 times. But when she complained to the store, the clerk told her that she had never heard of anything wrong with the packing cup, which forced her to complain to Tims headquarters instead.

This woman is not the only one who has a problem with Tims's hot beverage packing cup. A male customer in Ontario said that after buying the coffee, he put it on the cup holder of his car, only to find that the bottom of the packing cup completely fell off and the coffee liquid flowed out of the cup holder only about 15 minutes after he got the coffee. In addition, a woman experienced a similar situation to this male customer on her way to work this week.

However, according to CTV in Toronto, the Tims packing cup is not a recent collapse, seam cracking and other quality problems, but in November last year, Ms. Beverley Lawrence and her husband bought an oversized cup of coffee at the Tims store in Sagna, Ontario. About five minutes later, her husband's packing cup cracked and the coffee liquid spilled on his legs and feet. Beverley said it was fortunate that her husband was wearing thick pants at that time. Or you may get scalded by the scalding coffee liquid spilled.

After the incident, she called Tims's customer service hotline to report the situation and lodged a formal complaint, but did not receive any response from Tims.

According to the report, 20 consumers have reported that the Tims packing cup broke during use and provided relevant photos as evidence. Most people said that after these packing cups were placed for a period of time, the hot coffee liquid soaked the cup, resulting in varying degrees of collapse or cracking at the seams of the paper packing cup.

Tims officials told CTV News in Toronto that they did receive some complaints about the collapse or cracking of the packing cup recently and are now working with the packing cup supplier to investigate the matter. At the same time, Tims sincerely apologized to all consumers who suffered the collapse or rupture of the packing cup, saying that the packing cup will be improved later to ensure that the packing cup meets the standard of use and to avoid a similar situation.

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