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Frequent co-signatures! Lucky employees are going to break up!

Published: 2024-04-16 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/04/16, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop for 5G surfers who like cute things, they have probably heard of the IP of line puppies. The puppies outlined in black lines are very likable, and the joint demon Lucky will naturally notice the popularity of this lovely repair hook on the Internet, and contacted it last year.

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For 5G surfers who like cute things, they have probably heard of the IP of Line Dogs. The puppies outlined in black lines are very likable. Lucky will naturally notice the popularity of this cute dog on the Internet and co-named it with it last year to gain praise from netizens.

As a result, Lucky partnered with Line Puppy for the second time this year, not only to respond to the expectations of fans, but also to boost beverage sales. But this time, the joint name was not as well received as last time. Netizens complained that they had to wait a long time to get a drink after ordering, while some netizens reported that they had been prevaricated when they asked the shop assistant for the relevant perimeter, dissatisfied with the service attitude of Ruixing employees.

Poor Lucky employees are suffering. Since the "Lucky Trinity incident", employees have been in dire straits every day. Business in the store is mediocre, and it can still be business as usual, but if the small ticket machine suddenly spits out dozens of orders in succession, the two people in the store are completely busy with four hands, and they collapse when they are ordered by riders and guests. "who knows, in the rush hour, really miss the mouse, but also to ensure timely rate."

"the real person cannot reopen the breakup kitchen", "Why are there not many people in the peak", "this kind of situation should be added", seeing such a busy scene, netizens do not quite understand the staffing arrangement of the store. Lucky employees can do nothing about this. After the reform, Lucky stores control the number of staff, one person on duty at the bar has become the norm.

As a result, when there is only one lucky employee in the store and "unfortunately" encounters a sudden order, the clerks want to grow three heads and six arms, or the time is still so that they can have more time to deal with it. But the truth is that they can not catch up with the data indicators in the system, and may not be able to cope with the needs of consumers because of continuous orders.

Some netizens suggested that Ruixing should raise the salary of its employees so that their efforts should be rewarded. However, Lucky employees generally say that it is impossible for Rui Xing, who is controlling labor costs, to raise his salary. Many employees have revealed that many shop assistants are actually working more than the settlement hours for a long time. In other words, working for more than ten hours is only seven or eight hours' salary. "Lucky will only let people work for free."

Apart from being distressed, many netizens believe that it is not only lucky employees who are working under high pressure, but also coffee shops and milk tea shops of many chain brands. it is normal for operators to control labor costs in pursuit of store profits.

But relatively speaking, Ruixing, which has frequent joint activities and a large number of daily orders, has some irrationality in controlling labor costs, which makes people sympathize with Lucky employees who are so busy during peak hours. They are also worried that in the long run, it will lead to a decline in the quality of service, resulting in conflicts between consumers who like Ruixin and Lucky employees, thus having a negative impact on the brand.

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