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Starbucks has been revealed that the "low cause option" of the new drink has been withdrawn.

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop in the morning and noon, people buy coffee mainly to cheer up their day's work, or to start a leisure afternoon tea time. In the evening to night, the pick-me-up became the "negative sign" of coffee, and many workers chose to be angry.

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In the morning and lunchtime, people buy coffee mainly to cheer up their day's work, or to start a leisure afternoon tea time. In the evening to night, pick-me-up has become a "negative sign" of coffee, and many workers also choose products such as sparkling water, cocoa and smoothies.

Worry about drinking too much can not sleep, afraid of rapid heartbeat, craving coffee but prone to insomnia, which makes many people think of decaf for the first time, because it can satisfy mouth addiction and reduce the burden of sleep. Therefore, many chain brands have chosen to add "low-cause options" to their existing products, such as Starbucks, Tims, Piye Coffee and so on.

Among them, Starbucks, as the first head coffee brand to provide low-caffeine options, has many choices in taste, so it has naturally become the preferred "charging station" for people who cannot tolerate caffeine. Whenever you want an Italian drink with less caffeine, consumers simply click on Starbucks' Coffee Express to go to the page of their favorite drink, and then check "decaine concentrate" in the "espresso" column.

Recently, however, many consumers have accidentally found that many Starbucks stores in China have "withdrawn" the low-cause option from a large number of new coffee products, and even if the box is checked for "low-cause concentration", they will not be able to complete the order, which is really puzzling. If you want to drink decaffeinated products, you must enter the "low-caffeine zone" and can only choose from 9 classic products, such as caramel macchiato, vanilla-flavored latte and so on. In other words, other new espresso categories do not offer additional low-cause options.

In the face of eager new products, but can not order low-cause extraction, these low-cause demand groups can not help but complain: "is the Starbucks low-cause option nominal?"Why does Starbucks only have a few low-cause options now?" "decaf customers don't deserve new products!" , "Starbucks this wave of lower operation is really *", "Starbucks low in the end how to order now" …

So what on earth caused these Starbucks stores to remove "low cause extraction" from their new products?

In response to the doubts raised, an informed Starbucks partner appeared in the comment area to explain that the change was mainly due to the new golden baked beans two months ago. Since these stores are equipped with only one coffee machine, separate bean barns can only hold two types of coffee beans, so the bean barn that originally placed decaf coffee will be replaced by newly baked beans, while low-caine concentrate can only be "pre-extracted".

In fact, not all Starbucks stores operate this way. For example, screening stores will be equipped with two coffee machines, or a new coffee machine with multiple bean silos, which can hold three types of Italian beans at the same time. Will be able to produce low-cause version of the new product as usual. It's just that in order to successfully place an order, we need to be patient with caffeine intolerant people and search a few more stores.

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