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Starbucks X Disney? Netizen: don't expect it!

Published: 2024-05-20 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop recently, netizens were overjoyed to hear that Starbucks would jointly sign a partnership with Disney in April. Prior to this, Starbucks launched Disney limited drinks and surrounding drinks in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and other places, which attracted domestic Starbucks fans.

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Recently, netizens were overjoyed when it emerged on social platforms that Starbucks would co-sign a partnership with Disney in April. Prior to this, Starbucks launched Disney restricted drinks and surrounding areas in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and other places, which aroused the envy of Starbucks fans in China. They hoped that the joint cooperation between Starbucks on the mainland and Disney could be realized.

However, the specific partner of the joint signature was not disclosed in the news, which made expectant netizens speculate about which Disney superstar Starbucks will work with. After all, Disney has too many popular characters, and everyone has their own characters who most want to work with Starbucks.

The most popular candidates for cooperation are Disney's boss and wife, Mickey and Minnie, who are deeply rooted in the image of cp and are printed on the restricted perimeter of sales in places such as South Korea and Japan, so netizens think they have a high chance of being elected.

This is Lingna Belle, who has been growing in popularity in recent years. The pink fox, an IP image released by Shanghai Disney in 2021, is a female star with many followers. She appeared in the restricted neighborhood of Starbucks in Hong Kong Disneyland, so netizens speculated that if Starbucks's joint partnership is limited to Shanghai Disneyland, the candidate Lingna Belle should not be low.

During the enthusiastic discussion among netizens, a staff member revealed that everyone had guessed wrong, not Mickey Minnie and Lina Belle, but the unexpected Alice. The character, from Disney's classic animated film Alice in Wonderland, is one of the well-known Disney characters, but it is less popular than characters such as Mickey Minnie and Lina Belle, as far as Deep-Fried Chicken.

Although it is a pity that the favorite role was not elected, netizens can not accept the result, but what makes netizens break the defense is the limited mug this time. From the picture, the overall background of the mug printed with Alice is green, and the handle of the cup is a conspicuous bright orange. This color combination has caused a strong visual impact on netizens, shouting "eat lotus root" one after another.

(social APP screenshot)

Some netizens believe that although Alice in Wonderland is an animated film from the 1950s, there are many elements in the film, such as the blue and white color matching on Alice, the iconic decoration of supporting actors, and so on, which can actually be applied to the design of surrounding products, while the mug in the picture simply prints the character image on the cup body, and there are color defects at the seams between the handle and the cup body. All this makes people feel the perfunctory efforts of the surrounding designers.

In particular, compared with the well-designed Disney co-names sold by Starbucks in other regions, netizens generally think that they have failed to meet all their expectations and complain that Starbucks is not serious about the co-naming. "Starbucks may feel that, everyone who designs casually in China also buys it. Starbucks in the past two years has obviously been very perfunctory. "it's not a year or two since Starbucks in the mainland has made its cups ugly."there's no problem with the role, this color match." .

Many netizens said bluntly that the perfunctory attitude of Starbucks is that people do not have the idea of buying, helping themselves to save a sum of money. However, some netizens think that it is too early to be disappointed with the joint cooperation between Starbucks and Disney, and that a mug overturning does not mean that other unannounced surroundings will also be disappointing, in case there is a popular style similar to the Spring Mountain Cup.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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