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Personality is still a problem! Manner's own cup label is controversial.

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop friends who have been on a plane should have seen the staff put a consignment label on their suitcases so that they can find the suitcase with the label information when the plane lands. And the more places you go, there will be more labels on the suitcase, all kinds of labels.

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Friends who have been on the plane should have seen the staff put a consignment label on their suitcase, and when the plane lands, they can find the suitcase with the label information. And the more places you go, there will be more labels on the suitcase, and all kinds of labels are scattered in the suitcase, which makes people feel a kind of maverick cool. This maverick cool can be seen not only at the airport, but also at the bar in Manner. Some time ago, a blogger shared a cup he saw on a social platform. When he was buying coffee on Manner, he saw a cup full of labels, which was similar to a suitcase full of shipping tags.

Judging from the layers of labels on the self-contained cup, the owner of this cup should be a regular customer of Manner, and because the label covers too many layers, some of the labels have lost their stickiness and are teetering in the air, as if they would fall off at the slightest touch.

Manner's own cup service has always been very popular with consumers, many consumers will prepare a carry-on cup to the store to make a cup of coffee, which also causes when there are too many self-brought cups, the shop staff will not understand the needs of the cup owners, so they often put labels on the self-brought cups to distinguish and facilitate the shop assistants to make coffee as required.

However, these labels are mixed in the eyes of consumers. Some netizens complain that the label of Manner is not easy to tear, it will leave sticky glue after it is forcibly torn off, and the coating or pattern on the cup may be damaged. But some consumers will carefully collect them one by one to commemorate their good memories of drinking coffee.

Some consumers think that the label on their own cup is a sign of their frequent patronage of Manner, as well as a unique coat on their own cup, as unique and conspicuous as a labeled suitcase at the airport.

If it is regarded as decoration, these labels are really special. However, some netizens believe that if the layers of labels are soaked in milk and other liquids and are not treated in time, they will become a smelly coat and a hotbed of bacteria at the same time. If such a self-contained cup is brought into the bar by a Manner clerk, other consumers who see it may worry about whether the bacteria carried by the label will contaminate the bar.

In addition, this kind of label is usually thermal printing paper, although the owner of the cup will not put the label into his mouth, netizens think that it is not healthy to touch other food after touching the labeled cup for a long time.

Collecting labels and leaving them on their own cups is like collecting trophies for some consumers, watching the blank cup body be covered by white labels little by little, resulting in a sense of satisfaction, but if the cup is affixed too much and too full, you should dispose of the labels that can no longer be stuck in time to avoid bacteria breeding on the labels that represent memories. It will not cause other consumers a bad impression and worry about health problems when using it.

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