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The restriction of new products by Gucci has triggered a "dispute over salty mocha".

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Last Updated: 2024/04/19, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop A few days ago luxury brand Gucci co-signed three coffee brands, Blue bottle Coffee,% Arabica and Grid coffee, and opened limited coffee flash stores in four cities. The menu shared by netizens from the social platform

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A few days ago, luxury brand Gucci co-signed three coffee brands, Blue bottle Coffee,% Arabica and Grid coffee, and opened limited coffee flash stores in four cities. Judging from the menus shared by netizens on the social platform, the limited Gucci coffee launched by the three coffee brands has its own brand characteristics.

Among them, Beijing Gucci Coffee Flash Shop is a cooperation with local boutique coffee brand Grid coffee, during the event, two limited drinks are launched for single-origin Xiamoka and single-origin Xianqiao. According to the official introduction of the product side, the two drinks use single-origin coffee and single-origin cocoa, which is an upgrade and re-creation of their classic products salty mocha and salty cocoa.

Recently, however, the owner of a coffee shop in Beijing posted that Gucci co-signed drinks moved to his own salty mocha. According to the shopkeeper, she tried to make "Xiamoca" in 2020, and in March 2022, she adjusted the product based on the popular ice blog at that time, and then officially launched the product in the name of "Xiamoka".

The shopkeeper said that after the product came out, she shared the recipe with the major boutique coffee shops for free and did not care that her products were used by other coffee shops. However, when he learned that Gucci limited the drink to "salty mocha", the shopkeeper said it was difficult to accept it, believing that the brand should respect the originality of others and should not promote Xiamoca as a classic product to the public.

For this matter, netizens have different views and have their own opinions. Some netizens support the coffee shop owner's claim that the time is that the owner's salty mocha appeared first, and that the Gucci limited the appearance of Xiamoca, which "really belongs to plagiarism", and believes that "it is really inappropriate to regard other people's star products as their own."

However, some netizens believe that from the introduction of the salty mocha of the two stores, the selling points of the two are different. Gucci limits the salty mocha to emphasize the use of raw materials of a single origin, while the owner of the salty mocha emphasizes that the bottom of the milk is an ice blog, so it is speculated that the research and development ideas and formulations of the two may be inconsistent and should be regarded as two different products.

Some netizens pointed out that coffee drinks cannot be patented, so it is difficult to judge from a legal level whether Gucci's restricted drinks constitute product plagiarism.

In addition, some netizens believe that if the shopkeeper's salty mocha refers to the "salty mocha", then Starbucks' 2017 launch of the sea salt mocha can also be said to be a "salty mocha", and before Starbucks's sea salt mocha was officially launched, some baristas at home and abroad have tried salty and sweet coffee drinks, so some netizens think that if the shopkeeper's salty mocha is traced back to its origin, it may have already been made. Therefore, it is not appropriate for the shopkeeper to call "Xianmoka" original.

Behind the research and development of a creative drink is the result of many attempts and adjustments by the maker, which looks like his own child in the eyes of the creator. so the shopkeeper who posted the post was not incomprehensible when he saw his child being named in the name of others.

However, as netizens say, when there are more people making creative drinks, it is difficult to trace their "biological parents". Therefore, instead of debating whether the brand "borrows" its own ideas, shopkeepers might as well take this opportunity to market their own products. After all, some consumers don't care who is original, only whose "salty mocha" tastes better.

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