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There is no way to refund the order! Consumers call Ruixing to announce the phone number of the store.

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique coffee culture magazine Coffee Workshop friends should have used Mini Program to issue orders to buy coffee bar. Compared with App and third-party takeout platforms, Mini Program is easy to use and quick to use. Some chain coffee brands send discount coupons on Mini Program from time to time, so many people like to be small.

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Friends should have used Mini Program to place an order to buy coffee bar. Compared with App and third-party takeout platforms, Mini Program is convenient and quick to use. Some chain coffee brands send discount coupons on Mini Program from time to time, so many people like to place an order on Mini Program, but it is difficult to return an order if it is impulsive or wrong when placing an order on Mini Program.

Recently, a blogger went through this situation when he placed an order for 17 cups of coffee on Ruixing Mini Program. Within a minute, a colleague told him that he had ordered it, so the blogger wanted to cancel the order on Mini Program. However, there is no store contact information on Mini Program, and the customer service of the blog's main headquarters is kicked by intelligent robots, so there is no manual customer service.

In desperation, she had to go to the store. Because of the remote location of the store, she saw 17 cups of coffee at the bar as soon as she found it. After some explanation and communication, the clerk said that the store could no longer refund the order, but was willing to help contact the customer service. It was funny that the clerk could not connect with the artificial customer service over the phone, so the 17 cups of coffee could only be borne by the blogger himself.

The experience made bloggers very indignant, accusing Ruixing Mini Program of not publicizing the contact information of offline stores, while the intelligent robots in the customer service phone would only pass the buck repeatedly and could not actually solve the problem, causing consumers to miss the best time to return their orders. causing economic losses.

Many netizens said that they had also experienced no way to withdraw orders from Mini Program. When the third platform places an order, the store usually sets a time limit for refund, so that no matter consumers spend impulsively or place the wrong order by hand, it can be remedied to avoid losses caused by both sides. However, if you choose Mini Program to place an order, most Mini Program will not have a time limit or option to withdraw an order, so if consumers go back on their promises, it will be more difficult than 9981 to return an order from Mini Program.

Therefore, netizens with similar experiences are very supportive of the blogger, thinking that the phone number of the store should be published on Mini Program, giving consumers a channel to communicate directly with the store. Or the brand will improve the order return function of Mini Program, so that consumers can quickly help themselves after sales and save communication time between consumers and shop assistants.

However, some netizens believe that in stores with many orders like Ruixing, the clerks simply have no time to take into account the after-sales feedback of consumers when they are busy, and the disclosure of the store phone number may increase the work pressure on the staff. In addition, the responsibility for placing a wrong order like this should belong to the consumer. If every consumer who places a wrong order makes up for his loss by returning the order, it is very unfair to let the merchant bear his own fault.

The Lucky shop assistant, who experienced the most of this situation, was very impressed that the Mini Program order could not be returned directly in the store. If consumers put forward the demand for the return order, the shop assistant needed to report, and the process of returning the order was tedious. It is possible that the loss of materials and the performance of the store cannot be avoided.

Therefore, many employees also hope that Ruixing can improve the order refund function of Mini Program, or improve the customer service phone service, so that the needs of consumers can be quickly and efficiently solved after the phone is connected, so that material loss can be reduced to a certain extent. it will not cause conflicts between consumers and shop assistants.

The blogger contacted Ruixing headquarters customer service several times later by dialing 12315 several times. After learning about the blogger's request that "enterprises publish the store information on Mini Program, APP and other platforms", Ruixing customer service expressed its understanding and told the blogger that they would give feedback in a timely manner. Maybe we can see Ruixing make corresponding improvements in after-sales service in the future.

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