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Dongpo meat after olive oil, Starbucks kitchen coffee added

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique coffee culture magazine Coffee Workshop count all kinds of Starbucks drinks this year, the astonishing "Dongpo meat latte" should impress many Starbucks fans. After dried pork, Starbucks added olive oil, another kitchen item, to its coffee drink, officials said.

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Counting all kinds of Starbucks drinks this year, the astonishing Dongpo meat latte should impress many Starbucks fans. After pork jerky, Starbucks added olive oil, another kitchen product, to coffee drinks, and officials announced that it would launch two olive oil coffees in some stores across the country on the 22nd.

While some netizens complained that "Starbucks has a problem with kitchen coffee", some fans who often follow Starbucks have noticed that the Italian olive series is actually a year late for the introduction of Oleato in China.

In an interview with the media in May last year, Howard Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks, was asked what coffee products would be representative of Coffee 3.0, Howard immediately recommended his masterpiece Oleato and said he planned to introduce it to the Chinese market.

At that time, although most domestic Starbucks users complained about the news, some people were looking forward to this "epoch-making" innovative drink, but did not expect to get the substantive news about olive oil coffee only a year later.

This "bet on the future of Starbucks" olive oil coffee was first released in Italy, the source of inspiration, and then launched in the United States, Japan and other places. After nearly a year of Starbucks promotion, word-of-mouth has not changed at all, and it is still polarized.

Some people think that the combination of olive oil and coffee is a bit sexually insane and has been put on the coffee blacklist by many people as a member of the "Dark Coffee Series". There are also some people who try it boldly and are surprised after drinking it. They are captured by the strange and mellow taste and become loyal fans of olive oil coffee.

Of course, some people like this drink for more simple reasons-you can defecate after drinking it. It is reported that olive oil coffee has been called "Kaisailu" by netizens after its introduction, and people with constipation troubles have become fans of the series as if they had opened the door to a new world.

Netizens who have heard of olive oil coffee are eager to try when they hear the news, saying that they are fully prepared to challenge olive oil coffee. However, some netizens are slightly dissatisfied after seeing Starbucks' new plan, saying that Starbucks "can't think of new products."

Since the beginning of the year, Starbucks has basically sold another new product as soon as it has been sold, launching a variety of new drinks almost continuously to keep consumers fresh about the brand. But there is no doubt that this has caused some pressure on Starbucks'R & D department. Before, the new products were carefully polished and put on the shelves, and the sincerity of the R & D staff can be felt. And now the new product makes many Starbucks regular customers think that it is a random mix of all kinds of syrup, lack of sincerity.

As for this Yilanduo series, in the view of some Starbucks users, it directly introduces drinks sold abroad for nearly a year to be sold at home, so they are worried about whether Starbucks' new product research and development is running out of skills. Only foreign limited products will be used to cope with domestic fast-paced product updates.

However, some netizens think that Starbucks has long been able to introduce foreign popular products into China, so that fans who cannot go abroad can try the limited drinks of Starbucks abroad without leaving home, so that they no longer have to envy their overseas friends.

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