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"is there so much coffee left because it doesn't taste good?"

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Last Updated: 2024/07/18, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine the bell hanging on the door of the coffee shop rang, watching the smiling customers leave, the barista politely said goodbye, when he came out from the bar to clean up the table, what he most expected was to see the coffee cup empty and the coffee carefully made by the guests to drink up.

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The bell on the door rang and watched the smiling customer leave. The barista said goodbye politely. When he came out from the bar to clean up the table, what he expected most was to see the coffee cup empty and the coffee carefully made by the guests to be drunk up. This is undoubtedly the best praise for baristas.

But if you see a hot latte with almost the same pattern on the liquid surface and more than half the liquid left in the cup, the barista standing in front of the table seems to have been splashed with cold water. dozens of barrage flashed silently in his mind: "Why is there so much left", "is it because the coffee tastes bad", "or today's Italian style is not ready".

Especially when the coffee shop is not long in business or when you have just entered the barista industry, when you encounter more than half a cup of coffee left by a guest, many baristas should fall into self-doubt and be depressed all day. Some people may be under too much pressure. They will also think about the reasons for this situation in their sleep.

Seeing that the barista was in a bad mood for an unfinished cup of coffee, some unbearable customers took the initiative to explain that the coffee they had not finished was not because the coffee was not good, but maybe it was an accident that forced them to leave at that time. that's why the coffee wasn't stuffed out in one breath.

Guests who like to meet their friends in a cafe say that they will ignore the coffee on the table because they are so engaged in chatting with their friends. When they notice that the coffee is already cold, people who don't like cold coffee will give up drinking it.

Some netizens think that it may be that the coffee produced by the store is too large for customers with a small appetite to drink it all in one go. Or it may cause physical discomfort in the middle of drinking coffee, such as palpitations, panic, etc., so the customer will stop after a few bites and dare not drink any more.

Some people comfort baristas that an unfinished cup of coffee is only an example of baristas produced in a day, which does not fully represent baristas' production problems, so baristas do not need to worry and struggle too much, and do not attach too much importance to special situations, causing their own psychological burden.

And colleagues in the catering industry can well understand the feelings of baristas. People with many years of experience say that they rationally know that the food they make with their own heart may not be in line with every guest who enters the restaurant. I will comfort myself with this reason when I see leftovers, but I will still be emotionally hurt and occasionally fall into doubts about my ability.

As the saying goes, radishes and vegetables have their own preferences. If a cup of coffee made by heart meets a loved one, the barista will feel happy when he finishes the table and will feel happy. If the cup is not human, it is not difficult to understand that a lot of coffee is left. Therefore, when baristas find that the coffee has not been finished by customers, "you can examine yourself, if you have something to change, if you don't, you don't have to encourage it, and there is no need for internal friction."

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