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No security measures! The "original" coffee stand in Hutiaoxia is a little dangerous.

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop carries a backpack and going out has become a pastime for young people in their spare time. Among them, Tiger leaping Gorge, known as "one of the ten classic hiking routes in the world", is the first choice for many thrill-seeking backpackers. Here you can see the surging Jinsha River and enjoy it.

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Carrying a backpack and going out for a walk has become a pastime for young people in their spare time. Among them, Tiger leaping Gorge, known as "one of the ten classic hiking routes in the world," is the first choice for many thrill-seeking backpackers. Here you can see the surging Jinsha River, enjoy the beautiful sunrise of Yulong Snow Mountain, and feel the miraculous craftsmanship of nature among the cliffs.

Now, after 28 turns in Tiger leaping Gorge, backpackers can not only enjoy the unique beautiful scenery, but also drink a cup of freshly baked coffee.

Recently, a mountain climber shared a cup of coffee on his hike in Tiger leaping Gorge. At that time, he had just passed the 28 turns in Tiger leaping Gorge, and he was exhausted, but after a few steps, he found a coffee stall called "Cliff Coffee" on the edge of the cliff. the young owner was standing at a table that served as a bar to grind beans manually.

From the video of the climbers, we can see that the stalls leaning against the mountains and water are very simple, and there is no electricity supply, so the beans can only be ground manually, the water can only be boiled with gas cans, and ice and other materials are said to come from the stall owner's back from the bottom of the mountain. Just because of the stunning scenery of heaven and earth, mountain climbers feel that this cup of ordinary coffee tastes very special.

To be fair, the overall environment of this coffee stall is not good. There is no melodious jazz and comfortable tables and chairs, and the table for making coffee is not very clean and tidy. If you want to drink a cup of coffee here, you can only walk on foot. There are no other shortcuts.

But the scenery is really amazing, the gushing sound of the river as the background sound, the folding chair on the edge of the cliff as soon as you sit down as if you have this piece of river and mountain, the disadvantages of the coffee stand seem to be offset by the beautiful mountains and rivers at the moment. Coffee lovers without equipment can also borrow equipment from the stall owner to make their own coffee on the edge of this cliff, which is undoubtedly a wonderful and unforgettable coffee experience.

According to tourists, many people go hiking to Tiger leaping Gorge every year, many of them are mountain climbers from abroad, so in recent years, more and more people have set up coffee stands on the hiking route of Tiger leaping Gorge, some nearby villagers and some young people living in Tiger leaping Gorge.

Since it is only an ordinary stall sold to passing tourists, coffee stalls generally charge low fees. For example, a cup of hand-brewed coffee made by a young brother costs 28 yuan, compared with a cup of coffee sold at 398 in Guizhou Cliff Cafe. Tourists all think that the price of the Hutiaoxia coffee stand is very affordable.

Although Hutiaoxia coffee is not expensive and can enjoy the landscape of Zhong Ling Yuxiu while drinking coffee, many netizens are worried about the cliffs along the way. there is no fence protection on the edge of the cliff, and there are no safety measures on the guests sitting on the edge of the cliff. If a person is accidentally dazzled by the height difference of the dazzled, I am afraid there will be a regretful accident.

Some netizens worry that the rubbish such as coffee grounds and plastic packaging produced by these coffee stalls may damage the local natural environment if they are not disposed of properly. Moreover, drinks made by coffee stalls with no shelter are easy to fly into the insect sand, which has some food safety risks.

In addition, some tourists remind that although there are many coffee stalls on the Tiger leaping Gorge hike, there are few public toilets, so climbers who need to go to the bathroom after drinking coffee think twice before taking action, otherwise the challenge after a cup of coffee is not the thrilling Tiger leaping Gorge, but their own body can bear the limit.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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