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The quietest store of manner! Enterprises that are friendly to the disabled are great.

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Last Updated: 2024/04/19, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop for some consumers, a good cup of coffee includes not only caffeine, but also communication with baristas. If you meet people who talk eloquently, a cup of coffee may change stories from baristas, but if you encounter silent baristas,

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For some consumers, a good cup of coffee not only provides themselves with caffeine, but also includes communication with baristas. If you meet someone who talks eloquently, a cup of coffee may change a story from a barista, but if you meet a silent barista, it may lead to another story.

Recently, when a customer was about to place an order in a Manner store, he saw "Hello, I am the silent barista" on the small blackboard at the bar. Today, the person making coffee at the bar is a hearing impaired person who cannot hear his own order request.

Although unable to communicate with the barista through the voice, the silent barista understood her needs through the text and answered her questions seriously. The customers who got the coffee lamented that it was troublesome not to communicate properly, but the picture of the silent barista working hard made her feel beautiful and warm, and she was willing to patronize the store after that.

Netizens who have had the same experience agree with this. When they see silent baristas working hard behind the bar and communicating with consumers with words, they can feel warmth from them and get full of positive energy. even if you encounter small troubles such as poor communication, you don't care very much.

But things are both good and bad. Some employees think that hiring silent baristas may be good for coffee shops, but it will bring some troubles and troubles to their colleagues. For example, he does not know sign language, and usually can only use words to communicate with silent baristas. This kind of communication will affect work efficiency when the store business is good, and it may also cause unhappiness among colleagues due to lack of communication in the busy process.

As working workers, employees also know the hardships of people with disabilities in the job search process and sympathize with their sufferings. many people say that they will take more care of the silent baristas who work together. however, it is inevitable that communication is not convenient at work, and it is inevitable that over time, some employees may resist working with silent baristas.

In recent years, due to the state's policy concessions and subsidies for enterprises that employ people with disabilities, silent cafes can be seen everywhere. These cafes not only provide people with disabilities with a job, but also teach them skills to make a living, and provide a modest contribution to solve the employment problem of the disabled.

Many silent coffee shops have made a lot of attempts to better communicate between silent baristas and consumers. If sign language is printed on the menu, consumers are encouraged to place orders in sign language. Or equipped with voice-to-text ordering equipment, so that consumers can speak directly, silent baristas to see directly, as far as possible to make the communication between the two sides more smoothly.

The original intention of opening a silent coffee shop is to hope that people with disabilities can learn to make a living through coffee, and that they can also learn to communicate actively in their communication with customers, so that they can work and live better and have a bright future. Consumers are also willing to support these silent cafes. After all, "it's hard not to love coffee made by loving companies."

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