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The thunder is loud and the rain is small! There is no splash in Starbucks' new products?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop last night, Starbucks held a Starbucks premium dinner at the Shanghai Bakery. Founder Howard Schultz attended the scene and invited many stars to attend the dinner to promote the Elliot series launched today. Go on your own

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Last night, Starbucks held a Starbucks premium dinner at the Shanghai Bakery. Founder Howard Schultz attended the scene and invited many stars to attend the dinner to promote the launch of today's Elliot series.

Since Starbucks launched its olive oil coffee series in Italy last year, Howard has told the media more than once about the inspiration collision of the series, and has repeatedly said that this is what he considers to be a masterpiece of Coffee 3.0. It may become a milestone coffee product in Starbucks history.

Judging from the first high-end dinner held by the Shanghai Bakery, Starbucks and its founders are very concerned about the entry of olive oil coffee into the Chinese market, trying to use the star effect to increase the attention of the product. so that more people are willing to take the initiative to try this "epoch-making" coffee drink.

For one thing, the Starbucks dinner last night did draw many netizens' attention to the Elliot series, but it may be because olive oil coffee has a poor reputation abroad. Today, fewer consumers dare to try this new product on social platforms than before, and more people are in a wait-and-see state, hoping to get more product feedback before deciding whether to buy it or not.

Rui Xing, who is "on the new king" in the Chinese coffee market, has recently fallen into the Waterloo of the new product. This week Ruixing launched the Huangshan Maofeng latte, a teacup that combines Huangshan Maofeng, one of China's famous teas, with coffee. After the launch of the new, lucky fans tried to place orders, and they were extremely disappointed.

"Lucky Huangshan Maofeng latte, you are more or less vicious." , "this new product may be used to drive customers against Lucky 3.1", "I don't know how to describe this bitter tea taste as the worst coffee I've ever tasted", "Coffee that makes me look embarrassed", "the strangest taste of the year!" .

In order to win more consumers' favor, chain coffee brands cater to market preferences and constantly push through the old and bring forth the new, using a variety of new coffee products to capture consumers who like freshness, but the successive launch of new products makes some consumers have similar resistance to aesthetic fatigue, and do not try new ideas when they see new products such as olive oil that are beyond their understanding.

Some people also think that the current research and development of coffee brands is too convoluted, and the new products give people a feeling of disregarding the taste of consumers, as if they are constantly producing new products in order not to make consumers like the new and hate the old. however, it ignores whether the composition, taste and taste of the beverage are in line with the preferences of current consumers, so that many people think that the recent new products seem to be mixed with perfunctory research and development.

Some netizens suggested that instead of making some eye-catching but actually bad new products, coffee chains should consider bringing products that have been taken off the shelves but with good market feedback back to the menu and use a wave of "memories" to maintain loyal fans of the brand. In this way, there is more time for brands to develop new products that meet consumer tastes.

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