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Today's coffee shops emphasize a two-way trip.

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Last Updated: 2024/07/18, ▲ Click follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop "Boss, do you have any cupcakes?" "Hey, boss, do you have a special tune?" Boss, is there anything else to choose from besides coffee? …… For coffee shop owners, such customer inquiries are not new, and sometimes they are picked up in the shop.

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"do you have any cupcakes, boss?" "Hey, boss, do you have a special tune?" Boss, is there anything else to choose from besides coffee? …… For coffee shop owners, such customer inquiries are not new, and sometimes the answers to these questions will be wheeled back and forth after several waves of guests in the store.

In order not to become an indifferent repeater, some shopkeepers will write down the rules in the store one by one and post them in a conspicuous position for guests to notice at a glance. If the shopkeeper lists the rules of his store in white and black on the glass, the customer will notice it at a glance before entering the door, and once he enters the door, the shopkeeper will default to accept the rules.

Some shopkeepers are more direct, turning store rules such as "sell only American style" and "no flowers" into coffee shop signboards to facilitate consumers to understand the product positioning of coffee shops. If there are customers who ask for lattes after entering the store, the shopkeeper may have to point to the big words of the sign and ask each other a question.

Compared with chain coffee products, independent coffee shops pay more attention to personalization and rely on the differences between stores to attract the target users of their own stores. the store rules posted in front of the store are like a net for shopkeepers to screen customers. by telling consumers in advance of their own rules and keeping out unqualified consumers, so as to reduce the subsequent customer complaints and bad reviews.

However, netizens have different views on the detailed or concise rules posted in independent coffee shops.

Many people think that since shopkeepers open their doors to do business and make money, they naturally want to welcome customers from all directions and attract more consumers to shop, rather than using various rules and regulations to restrict their customer groups and block their own financial roads. Moreover, some netizens believe that shopkeepers are too picky may be counterproductive, store rules may dissuade customers who want to enter the store to spend, in the long run, their own coffee shop may end badly.

However, there are also customers who support the shopkeeper's practice of informing consumers of store requirements in advance, which not only allows shopkeepers to screen consumers, but also allows consumers to filter out stores that do not meet expectations. For example, customers who like to make coffee by hand will probably turn around and leave as soon as they see the sign in front of the store that says "sell creative coffee only". They don't have to waste their time, energy and money to go to a coffee shop that can't meet their needs.

And some netizens believe that the choice is two-way, and since consumers can choose whether or not to spend in a coffee shop, the shopkeeper can naturally choose what kind of guests to receive. A willing consumption can make the two sides more satisfied with each other in the course of the transaction, and may also find like-minded people.

For both coffee shop owners and consumers, well-organized store rules may help both parties get to know each other faster, have a two-way coffee exchange in a more effective way, and have a happy experience in the process.

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