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Afraid of being sprayed! I'm afraid of making coffee for Cantonese!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/18, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop in recent years, more and more young people travel around to play, meet interesting people and things on trips, and also find characteristics from all over the country in various journeys. Among them, the first impression that Guangdong brings to foreign tourists is probably "eat", morning.

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In recent years, more and more young people are traveling and playing, meeting interesting people and things on many trips, and discovering the characteristics of all parts of the country in various journeys. Among them, the first impression that Guangdong brings to foreign tourists is probably "eating". Morning tea, roast goose, sweet soup. The local cuisine is so dazzling that it can be eaten for several days without repeating it.

As a result, people from other provinces have labeled Cantonese as "very good at eating" and "very picky in eating". Some netizens said that when Cantonese friends come to visit their homes, their mothers will check the recipes over and over again. I'm afraid the food I prepared will not be picky to the taste of the Cantonese.

As a result, the owner of a Hubei cafe who had heard similar online jokes could not help but worry.

The shopkeeper posted that there were many Guangdong tourists in his shop recently, and he heard from his friends and the Internet that Cantonese people were particularly fastidious and fastidious in eating and drinking. It is so fastidious that the soy sauce eaten by every household in Guangdong is brewed by itself.

In addition, the shopkeeper has learned that many Guangdong contestants have recently been generous and brilliant in coffee competitions, which also makes shopkeepers feel scared in the face of Guangdong coffee lovers and worry that their coffee will be poorly rated by picky customers.

When it was time to post it, the Cantonese who heard the wind said that they could not live with laughter.

After laughing, some naughty Guangdong netizens said that Cantonese people not only brew soy sauce, but also plant coffee trees on the roof of their buildings. When they go back to the south, they use wet planing or anaerobic fermentation, and when the sun comes out, the beans can be roasted by steaming or stir-frying. A cup of coffee is self-sufficient and the whole process is the most simple way of processing.

Moreover, Cantonese people pick their mouths and do not drink prefabricated coffee when they go out, so they have to "kill ground beans now". There are really no "ground beans". They can also pick coffee beans from trees to make coffee. after all, Cantonese cuisine is famous for being "fresh", and so is Guangdong coffee.

Some netizens also suggested that shopkeepers should not find fault when they encounter Guangdong guests as long as they tell them that coffee can reduce fire, and Cantonese people who pay attention to health preservation will not find fault. Or the shopkeeper can try to launch an American style of Shasha for Guangdong tourists, so that Cantonese people who like to drink herbal tea will not find fault with coffee after trying it.

Apart from the joke, there are still many enthusiastic Guangdong netizens to explain to the frightened shopkeeper. Although many well-known soy sauce brands such as Haitian and Weishida have set up soy sauce factories in Guangdong Province, it is not so good that every household will brew their own soy sauce. Most Guangdong families buy soy sauce in supermarkets.

And the shopkeeper's worry that "Guangdong coffee lovers will pick on coffee" is somewhat unfounded in Guangdong netizens. Due to the influence of Guangdong food culture, most Cantonese will be picky in eating, but this does not mean that Cantonese are "Cai Lan of the coffee world". Everyone can write a small composition of two or two words about coffee products.

So the shopkeeper is relaxed, as long as the coffee is produced normally, the coffee has coffee flavor, and the Guangdong people who are easy to meet will not be picky.

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