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How to use a spring portable filter cup made of a steel wire? Do the hand brewing parameters and cooking methods need to be adjusted?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, At the beginning of its birth, the filter cup was only a trapezoidal ceramic utensil, but with the development of the times, filter cups of different styles and materials, such as flat bottom, tapered, resin and metal, came out one after another! Different styles of filter cup can produce different cooking effect; different materials have different thermal insulation performance. Among them, the vast majority

At the beginning of its birth, the filter cup was only a trapezoidal ceramic appliance, but with the development of the times, flat bottom, cone, resin, metal and other different styles of different materials filter cups have appeared! Different styles of filter cups can produce different brewing effects; different materials have different insulation properties. Among them, most of the filter cups together play an important role-support the filter apparatus!

If there is such a filter cup, its role is only to support the filter paper, there is not too much design to affect the water flow, affect the brewing. So, what difference does the coffee make from it compare to a regular filter cup? Don't say, a "old employee"in front street just meets this condition! Its overall contact area of the filter paper is not large, so it does not have much impact on brewing. And supporting the filter paper is its main function, it is! "Portable filter cup"made of a steel wire!

A filter bowl made of a single steel wire Yes, as you can see, the entire filter bowl is made of just one steel wire, and the cuts at both ends are clearly visible. The filter cup is a conical structure, so the filter paper is naturally also conical.

Then, because it's spring-like, it's allowed us to stretch and deform. When the external force from stretching disappears, the filter cup returns to its original shape through its elasticity. Interestingly, the reason why the filter bowl is spring-loaded is to be portable. Therefore, when not in use, we can press the steel wire on the top of the filter cup to the support of the filter cup by pressing down, so that a lightweight and compact filter cup will "deform"!

Lightweight, portable and affordable are the unique advantages of this filter cup. However, there were advantages, so naturally, there were disadvantages. Since the whole bowl, including the base supporting the bowl, is made of a steel wire, they are not on the same level! This disadvantage begins to show up when we place it on the sharing pot, with the bowl tilting directly to one side.

So, having finished the obvious advantages and disadvantages, let's put it into use and see what kind of characteristics the coffee it has!

The beans used in this brewing experiment are Colombia·demarcation line rose summer. The coffee flavor of the beans brewed with V60 is: honeysuckle, citrus and red pomelo. According to the brewing of V60, the parameters are as follows: powder amount: 15 g Grinding degree: Ek 43 10 scale, 20 screen 75% sieve ratio powder water ratio: 1:15 brewing water temperature: 92 ° C brewing method: three-stage Before brewing, we first wet the filter paper with a small amount of hot water, with a warm cup. As can be seen from the picture below, the filter paper almost fits perfectly with the wire of the filter cup after wetting! Then start cooking!

First, pour twice the amount of water 30 ml into the powder and steam for 30 seconds! After steaming, we inject 120 ml of hot water into the second section in a large circle at a constant speed. After the water level is about to bottom out, inject the last section of hot water 75ml by using a small circle at a constant speed. When the coffee is filtered, the filter cup can be removed and the brewing is complete.

The total time was 2 minutes and 50 seconds. Since there was no diversion bone, the flow rate was much slower compared to the V60, and it took more time! So it smells... A lot of friends in front of the street will certainly think, coffee is full of excessive bitterness, right? But in fact, it is not all bitter, but bitter mixed, taste very thin cup of coffee.

Because this cup of coffee is very uneven! There are no walls of the cup and no protruding ribs to guide the water flow, so the hot water can only penetrate directly downwards according to gravity, so it is very slow, causing some coffee to overextract! At the same time, due to the one-time injection of too much hot water, so that too much hot water does not pass through the powder bed, but directly flows out from the surrounding filter paper, forming a "bypass water"! This led to the coffee taste messy, bitter and thin!

However, this is not the problem of the filter cup, but because of the use of not suitable for its brewing method, this appeared the result of uneven extraction. Grind coarse, lower the water temperature, and then change the original fast large water flow to slow small water flow injection, a cup of qualified hand-brewed coffee natural water! In addition to the high requirements for brewing, the cost performance and portability of this filter bowl are impeccable. Therefore, Qianjie feels that it does not need to compare the performance with other filter cups, because the spirit is different, naturally there is no need to compare it ~

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