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I dare not sit down! Consumers say the chairs in the coffee shop are all "out of the pulp"!

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Coffee Brand, the Manner stores that consumers are familiar with with its minimalist design style give people the impression of simplicity and clearness, standing in the doorway and looking at clean and hygienic white, which makes consumers who pay attention to food safety feel at ease. Of course

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Among the coffee brands, the stores of Manner, which are well known by consumers with its minimalist design style, give people the impression of simplicity and clearness. Standing in the doorway, they are all neat and hygienic white, which makes consumers who pay attention to food safety feel at ease.

Recently, however, when a customer went to a Manner store to buy coffee, he found a lot of dust and conspicuous straw wrapping paper on the floor in front of the bar. I wanted to find a seat in the store and wait for the meal. I looked around and noticed that there were still some packing cups and used paper towels left by the guests on several tables, while the white leather chairs were more likely to show traces of use. It seems that it has been "unwrapped" by the guests coming and going.

Such an environment may leave some customers at a loss as to where they should sit. The customer said that there was only one employee working behind the bar at that time, and the clerk was too busy to take care of the hygiene of the outfield and did not clean in time, causing customers to see all kinds of dirty pictures as soon as they entered the store.

This situation is not alone. Many Manner consumers said that they had also found dirty and messy Manner stores in their cities, which made people just want to get coffee and leave as soon as they saw the environment in the store, and they didn't want to stay in the store for a while.

Some people think that the overall design style of the Manner store is mainly white, so a little stain will be highlighted against the clean white, so the cumulative use marks on the white tables and chairs will become more and more obvious, as soon as the guests see those traces, they think that the clerk is not clean for a long time, resulting in the first impression of the Manner store.

However, loyal Manner users explained to the clerk that it is now normal for most Manner stores to have only one person on duty at the bar, so only one employee ignores the hygiene of the outfield when he is busy making an order, relying on customers in the store to take away the garbage or need free time to find out and clean it up.

The poster is also a Manner fan, so she made it clear that her intention was not to blame the only worker in the store, but to hope that Manner would notice the irrationality of having only one clerk on duty in the store. In order to serve as soon as possible, the clerk on duty must take care of one thing at the expense of the other, unable to take care of all aspects of the store.

However, the image of the store will also affect the experience of consumers, some consumers can not help but worry about whether there will be hygiene problems in the drinks produced when they see the poor sanitary condition of the store.

Consumers have higher and higher requirements for products and services. Some people will like old shops full of history and humanities, while others may require that all utensils are new, and there is nothing wrong with eating utensils. Nowadays, tables and chairs are also a requirement for some consumers, and how to balance them is another challenge for operators.

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