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What is the effect of different injection heights for hand-brewed coffee? The details you have to pay attention to when brewing!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, The water injection height is the distance from the spout to the powder bed when we make coffee. Everyone has their own brewing habits, which result in different heights of water filling. According to the observation of the front street, when everyone adopts the common brewing method, the water injection height is generally in the range of 0 ~ 7 cm. Some friends

The height of water injection refers to the distance from the spout to the powder bed when we brew coffee. Everyone has their own cooking habits, which lead to different heights of water injection. According to Qianjie observation, when people use the common cooking method, the water injection height is generally within the range of 0~7cm.

Some friends will like to pour vertical water at a higher distance, and some friends will like to inject water close to the liquid surface! Of course, there is nothing wrong with these practices. What Qianjie wants to share today is what kind of impact different heights of water injection will have on cooking! This knowledge can make it convenient for everyone to use a more suitable high level of water when brewing and brewing delicious coffee.

The penetration of the water column when we brew coffee, the position of the water injection determines the penetration of the water column. The higher the position of water injection is, the stronger the penetration is; the lower the position is, the weaker the penetration is. The penetrating force of the water column will play a key role, that is, the "mixing powder bed". When we pour hot water into the coffee powder bed, the coffee powder will tumble because of the impact of the water column, which causes the coffee powder to be extracted by hot water in more places, thus speeding up the release rate of the substance.

Here are two noteworthy points. First, let's talk about the penetration of the water column: the penetration of the water column is not as strong as possible. The stronger the penetration, the more the coffee will be stirred, and then the substance will be extracted more quickly. When you continue to use a high penetrating water column on the coffee powder bed, it will lead to excessive stirring. Then at this time, bitterness, miscellaneous flavors and other flavors that should not have been exquisite have been released. Therefore, the penetrating water column, Qianjie suggested that it is best to measure the situation to use.

The second is the maximum height limit of water injection: when we inject water, the water column is not a cylinder, but thick and thin to a cone. Therefore, when the water injection position reaches a certain height, the flow is no longer a continuous column of water, but into continuous dripping droplets (and even cut off).

The boiling of water droplets will lead to uneven water in the powder bed, dripping in some places and not in some places, which can easily lead to deviation in the extraction. Therefore, in order to avoid the phenomenon of uneven extraction, Qianjie suggested that it is best to limit the maximum height of water injection to 7cm. Of course, except for some special cooking methods.

Surprise check on the temperature loss rate of hot water! Let Qianjie see which friends have not read the article "pine house style cooking". It doesn't matter if I haven't seen it. What I want to say in Qianjie is that the pine house style, which is steamed with "pot cover", is one of the special ways mentioned above. This brewing method uses more than the height of 7cm for water injection (25cm from! ), in order to cool the hot water.

When hot water flows out of the spout, it will immediately come into contact with a large amount of air, which will cool the hot water. The higher the height, the greater the surface area of the water column exposed to the air, and the more temperature it loses. This will cause a deviation in the water temperature of the actual extracted coffee, thus changing the concentration. Therefore, Qianjie suggests that if you are used to high water injection, especially in the winter when there is a lot of cold air, it is best to increase the water temperature used for cooking by 1 ~ 2 °C. only in this way can you correct the calories taken away by the cold air and let the coffee get enough extraction.

The verticality of the water column the spout of most hand pots is not vertical when it comes out of the water! Because their spouts are designed to form a parabola that tilts outward when hot water is poured out, they tend to be vertical with the increase of the height of the water injection. This means that when this kind of spout is injected close to the liquid level, the hot water does not penetrate the coffee powder vertically, but breaks through the powder wall at an inclined angle, making the extraction an unstable factor. Therefore, Qianjie suggests that when injecting water, it is best to have a certain distance from the liquid surface to avoid the deviation of the falling point of hot water, resulting in uneven extraction.

To sum up, the most affected by the height of water injection is the extraction efficiency. The commonly used water injection height in Qianjie is 3~4cm! It is not because the coffee made from this position is the best, but for the hand pots used in the front street, this position has the highest fault tolerance rate! Therefore, you only need to know what kind of influence and effect the position of the water column will bring, and then use it according to your own handmade pot and brewing method, you will be able to avoid negative factors to the greatest extent and get a good cup of hand-brewed coffee!


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