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Too curly! The barista works to play the violin?!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click attention| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop is to the annual campus recruitment period, many graduating college students are busy looking for the door to open a new life, and the hot coffee industry also let many students some yearning, after all, this is a can meet poetry and distance ideal, and

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It is also the annual campus recruitment period, many graduating college students are busy looking for the door to open a new life, and the hot coffee industry also let many students some yearn for, after all, this is a can not only meet poetry and distance ideals, but also can mix food ah.

However, when the friends see the recent barista recruitment information, there is a feeling of being slapped by reality. In a recruitment platform about barista recruitment, about the work content densely wrote a small composition, covering production, cleaning, cash register, store operation and so on, let the small partners marvel whether this is looking for a barista or looking for a store manager of anything.

For this recruitment information, Some netizens after careful study think, Although at a glance seems to be a lot of words, The workload is large, But in fact mentioned the work content is mostly the store's basic work. Experienced baristas say that once you start looking at the shop independently, the content of the work described in words becomes a real routine.

And now, as more and more cafes have their own social platform accounts, the scope of work of baristas is not limited to the bar, some baristas also work as photographers, to take pictures of products, to take a promotional vlog for stores, but also online operation of social accounts, interaction with fans to increase the popularity of accounts.

Some cafes may be opened in the place where foreigners appear frequently, so the owner will hope that the barista has experience of studying abroad, so that when meeting foreign friends who come to the store to buy coffee, the barista does not have to "dance"or awkwardly communicate with translators, and can communicate directly with foreign guests with fluent spoken language.

And some cafes may be more high-end positioning, put forward to the barista "if not making coffee when playing a violin concerto,"for this requirement some people think, if the owner is to recruit a coffee violin teacher, may be easier than finding a violin barista.

As for the shop owner's requirements for the barista, the job seekers waved their hands frantically. The barista not only had to make western snacks, have knowledge of wine, but also have experience in Chinese medicine. Hmm…This made people wonder if this coffee shop was located in Guangdong and needed a barista with experience in Chinese medicine to develop American herbal tea?

While some hiring requirements may seem cumbersome to job seekers, when it comes to actual work, coffee workers say a barista may have more to do than the hiring requirements. Baristas not only need to "go to the hall,"be able to socialize and be a "coffee encyclopedia,"but also "go down to the kitchen,"fix faucets, drain and, if necessary, fix the coffee machine.

As some coffee workers said, the end of the barista was a hexagonal warrior who knew a little bit of any skill except coffee making, so there was no need to be surprised if a barista could play the piano.

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