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World brewing champion Mr. Tetsu Akitani invented the principle of God/Devil brewing method! Smart Cup super delicious cooking method to share

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, Be reasonable, this is not new! At the beginning of last year, the famous coffee world champion,"Tetsu,"released a new brewing method on a foreign video platform. And because the taste of the coffee brewed in this way is so amazing, it was called "the taste of the soul and the devil exchanged

Be reasonable, this new is not the new! At the beginning of last year, Mr. "Mi Gu Zhe", a world champion in the coffee industry, once again released a new cooking method on a foreign video platform. And because the coffee brewed in this way tastes so amazing, it is called "the taste of exchanging the soul with the devil" by Mr. Miyazhe.

Because of this, this cooking method is also jokingly called "devil cooking method". After I actually tried it in Qianjie, I found it was really good. So today, let Qianjie share the principle and operation of this cooking method, which is known as the "devil".

The divine brewing method (demon brewing method) "divine brewing method" is the name given by Mr. Miyazhe at the beginning of the video, but because the conversation about the devil in the video is too impressive, so now most friends call it demonic cooking. Both can be called, we just need to know that they refer to the same cooking method, which is developed on the basis of four or six methods! Centering on the idea that "anyone can make delicious coffee", Mr. Miyazhe invented the four or six methods that are famous in the handwashing world, and then derived the devil brewing with four or six methods. Therefore, it is not difficult to see that the devil cooking method will also be an easy-to-understand, simple and practical way of cooking! The only thing worth noting is that the filter cup suitable for brewing is a style with a controllable valve! )

Since devil brewing is a brewing method derived from the principle of four or six methods, we need to first have a brief understanding of four or six methods: "four or six methods", which divides the behavior of water injection in a coffee brew into five stages! The first two paragraphs determine the flavor trend of coffee (the balance between acid and sweetness), which adds up to 40% of the total water injection; the last three paragraphs determine the taste intensity of coffee (the alcohol thickness of coffee), which adds up to 60% of the total water injection. The demon brewing method also divides the hot water used for cooking into the first 40% and the last 60%, with the same principle. The difference is that the last three stages of water injection are merged into one section, and immersion extraction will be added on the way to cooking. Therefore, this cooking method is a combination of "dripping" and "soaking" as a whole. Then, the addition of soaking will improve the extraction efficiency, so in order to avoid the occurrence of over-extraction, the last 60% of the hot water temperature will be reduced!

The specific parameters for cooking are as follows:

Use filter cup: Hario V60 smart cup

Amount of powder used: 20g

Ratio of powder to water: 1:15

Total water injection: 300ml

Degree of grinding: fine sugar grinding, 9 scale of Ek43 (85% pass rate of No. 20 screen)

Boiling water temperature: 92 °C for the first two segments and 70 °C for the latter.

Water injection process:

The first section of hot water is injected outward from the center of the powder bed (here 60ml is an example) for steaming.

(steaming for 30s, including the time of water injection)

After 30 seconds, the second stage of hot water (60ml) is injected in a circle.

(wait until 1 minute and 15 seconds to close the valve and change the hot water in the kettle to 70 °C)

Then inject all the remaining hot water (180ml) at a fixed point in the center of the powder bed!

Open the valve in 1 minute and 45 seconds to let the coffee liquid seep out. After the drip filtration, the cooking ends.

(if the drip is not finished in 3 minutes, the filter cup needs to be removed directly.)

Finally, shake the coffee well and you can pour it out and enjoy it!

Although it seems that the whole process is full, but in practice you will find that it is actually quite simple, and the principle is the same! A little fine grinding allows hot water to fully extract the aroma from the coffee at the beginning. Then lower the temperature of the water used in the later stage of brewing, so that in the process of soaking and extraction in the later stage, it can not only ensure the concentration of coffee, but also slow down the release rate of substances that cause negative taste (equivalent to adding a limit to the extraction)! Going back to the first two stages of water allocation, we can allocate water according to the desired flavor! For example, if we want to make the coffee sweet, we can divide the 40% hot water into two stages according to the proportion of 4:6. The first stage is filled with 50ml, and the second stage is injected with 70ml! If you want more sour taste, just turn it the other way around. (the principle is mainly the difference in the amount of hot water extracted matter! The more water used for steaming, the less the total amount of matter extracted by hot water, and vice versa)

Secondly, this theory is not limited to Hario's V60 smart cup, but other kinds of filter cups with valves can also be applied directly. Like the Hero cake filter cup that appeared in the front street article, or all kinds of smart cups can be used. (warm reminder from Qianjie: some filter cups with valves are not large enough to hold a large amount of hot water that 20g powder needs to be injected at some stage during cooking, so it is best to adjust the amount of powder according to the capacity.)

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Pak Gu Zhe in the video was amazed at the practicality of the brewing. In addition to calling it a brewing in exchange of souls, he also said bluntly that it was beyond the existence of four or six methods! All right, that's about it. If you have a smart cup in your hand, but have not tried this cooking method, Qianjie is highly recommended to give it a try! You can simply make good coffee. Why not do it?


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