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What is an aged bean? What's old mantelin? How does coffee ageing work?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, In the article the day before yesterday, the front street mentioned the special existence of "old beans"! Although it's been around for a long time, it still has a fascinating coffee flavor! So let's explore in detail today, what is this old bean? What is an old bean? Old coffee beans refer to people

In the article the day before yesterday, Qianjie mentioned the special existence of "old beans"! Although it has been kept for a long time, it still has a fascinating coffee flavor! So today, let's explore in detail what this old bean is.

What is the old bean? Aged coffee beans refers to people through a special way of management, so that raw coffee beans after a long period of storage, get a unique coffee flavor! The soft acidity, thick taste and the high sweetness of honey are the special delicacies that the aged beans can reflect. The birth of this "aging treatment" does not come from the deliberate efforts of people, everything comes from coincidences! The story starts from the Dutch colonial era in Indonesia! Because the Dutch at that time smelled the huge business opportunity of coffee, they began to force local people in Indonesia to grow coffee. Sure enough, the move was a quick success. The Dutch made a lot of money because of the huge demand for coffee from European consumers, and almost all of Indonesia's coffee beans were shipped to Europe. Therefore, in order to ensure continuous supply, the Dutch will also store coffee beans properly!

But you should know that Indonesia is an Asian country, and the shipping distance between Indonesia and Europe is almost halfway across the world, and the transportation time will be very long. As a result, with a long period of storage and a long time of transportation, coffee beans have been picked for a long time when they arrived in Europe. In the article the day before yesterday, Qianjie mentioned that if placed for too long, raw coffee beans will lose water and bring flavor together. But! Originally thought to be dull coffee beans, but in the baptism of the sea breeze, evolved a unique special flavor! People are surprised that the acidity is greatly reduced, the taste is thick, and the finish is as clean and comfortable as Pu'er tea. People from all walks of life in Europe are addicted. At this point, people began to study aging treatment, after all, can not rely on this unstable factor to produce delicious, from various angles, the risk is too high. Therefore, aging treatment arises at the historic moment. But not all beans have the conditions for aging, only full, big-eyed, flawless beans can become the target of aging treatment! Moreover, all aging treatments must be concentrated in the place of origin.

Take the old Manning who had been on the shelves before the front street! Before aging, all Mantenin will first carry out wet planing treatment, and then carry out a round of careful selection to screen out beans that are more in line with the goal, and then put them into storage for aging! The storage environment is somewhat different from the conventional raw bean storage, it must be ventilated and cool before it can be used for aging! During the aging period, some workers will turn the beans regularly. This action is not only to let the coffee beans get even contact with the air and ventilation, but also to check whether there are bad beans (moldy beans, worm-eaten beans). Once it is found, it will be directly "strangled in the cradle" to prevent the spread of other coffee beans!

The aging time will be about three years, during which time, the sour substances of coffee beans will gradually turn into sugar, the color will gradually turn brown, and their size will gradually shrink. Compared with other vibrant and full beans, the recognition of aged beans is very high!

Friends who have bought old Mantenin will know that its flavor performance is different from the traditional Manning, without such a prominent wild flavor! There are more calm flavors such as pine, malt, chocolate and Pu'er tea. It seems that he has changed from a young and strong young man to an old and dignified scholar, very leisurely and complacent.


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