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Roll raw materials? Asahi Vipshop will "transparent milk"!

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Last Updated: 2024/04/19, ▲ Click attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop For coffee lovers, a cup of good latte coffee and milk is complementary relationship, sweet silky milk and coffee bitterness, highlighting its aroma and flavor, in many baristas, the choice of milk on the taste of latte is very close

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For coffee lovers, coffee and milk in a good latte complement each other. Sweet and silky milk neutralizes the bitterness of coffee, highlighting its aroma and flavor. In the view of many baristas, the choice of milk is crucial to the taste of the latte.

Therefore, in recent years, the fire of the coffee industry has inadvertently brought a lot of milk brands, among which Asahi Weipin should be a more famous brand. Manner, M stand and other chain coffee brands cooperate with it, coupled with their own products are excellent enough, Asahi Weipin's milk has become the first choice of many coffee shops dominated by Italian coffee.

Asahi Weipin also seized on the "flow heat" brought by coffee and launched a lot of milk suitable for making coffee drinks, such as the recently released "transparent milk". It is reported that Asahi Vipin launched a clear milk that is "lighter than milk but softer and thicker than water". Apart from the change in taste, what is most special to the public should be that this milk is as transparent as water.

Milk is widely known as milky white, while Asahi Weipin's new product is to break the convention and turn the clarified milk commonly used by bartenders into large-scale products.

Previously, the clarification series in the special coffee has become the star product of many independent cafes, and the clear color and taste closer to the fruit drink make many coffee lovers like this clarified coffee which satisfies both beauty and taste.

But what is a headache for many baristas is that clarified milk needs to be hand-made by the store. After mixing the milk with acidic fruit juices such as lemon juice, the milk is fully stirred and finely precipitated for a period of time and then filtered in order to get a portion of clear milk that is milky. The whole production process is time-consuming and difficult to preserve, so although the coffee is too hot, it has not become a regular customer on the coffee shop menu.

The clear milk of Asahi Weipin undoubtedly breaks the restriction of clarifying coffee. Coffee shops no longer have to waste time and effort to make homemade clarified milk, reducing production costs, and making it convenient for baristas to make special coffee with both export and beauty.

As the official did not disclose the production method of this clear milk, it surprised netizens and caused all kinds of doubts at the same time. Clarified milk is mostly obtained by adding acidic substances to make it flocculated and filtered, which also makes the clarified milk taste slightly sour, while from the promotion of Asahi Weipin, clear milk is a "milk drink" based on "sweetness". One cannot help but wonder whether it is made from some kind of cool techs.

In addition, people are also curious about the difference in the taste of transparent milk from ordinary milk, "will it taste better when transparent", "will the taste change", "will clear milk be whey", "what is the difference between transparent milk and plain boiled water", "is lactose intolerant blessed"?

There are also concerns about whether this transparent milk will be an IQ tax product with no use other than to add a little appearance. All kinds of speculation have been officially responded to so far, but most baristas are still looking forward to it. after all, this is a product that frees baristas from the tedious clarification of milk production.

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