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"Does anyone really bring their own cups for a discount?"

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, ▲ Click attention| Coffee workshop with a cup to a coffee shop "make a cup of coffee"has become a daily day for some coffee consumers, such as Starbucks, Manner and other chain coffee brands have always had their own cup promotions, designed to encourage users to reduce one-off packaging

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Bringing your own cup to a coffee shop to "get a cup of coffee" has become a daily practice for some coffee consumers. Coffee chains such as Starbucks and Manner have always offered their own cup discounts to encourage users to reduce the use of one-time packages and enjoy coffee more environmentally friendly.

However, recently, some netizens have found that there are not many people who really bring their own cups to buy coffee in their lives, and most of them are packed cups on the table of coffee shops. It also makes netizens wonder whether coffee consumers will really choose to bring their own cups in order to bring their own cups, as shared on social platforms.

With regard to bring your own cup, most people think that the coffee shop's original intention to promote the event is good, and it does reduce the use of disposable products to some extent. But when it comes to daily life, many people say that there are too many factors for them to use their own cup to buy coffee.

Some people think that bringing your own cup is intended to be environmentally friendly, but consumers pay more attention to the discount of bringing their own cup, and they will insist on bringing their own cup in order to save a little money. However, some coffee shops will distinguish between store discounts and bring-your-own cups, and consumers can only enjoy one discount when buying drinks, thus discouraging customers from bringing their own cups.

In addition to not being able to "ultimate wool", efficient consumers think that buying coffee with their own cup is a waste of time. Because usually, when customers choose to bring their own cup, they have to go to the bar to ask the clerk to place an order, so it won't hurt if there are few customers in the store, but in the rush hour, it is not as quick to buy coffee from a clerk with a self-brought cup as to place an order directly with Mini Program, or to buy it on the takeout platform, sometimes you can not only enjoy preferential subsidies, but also save time waiting at the bar.

In addition, there is also customer feedback that if the capacity of the self-brought cup is not consistent with that of the coffee shop, it will be a bit embarrassing. If you buy a small cup that is not full, you can't buy a large cup, and you feel that the wool is as bad as you can't get it. In addition, "forget to bring it when you use it", "bring your own cup will taste if you use it for a long time", "bring your own cup is far less convenient than a disposable cup" and other reasons also make many consumers feel that they bring their own cup discount of a few yuan.

Counting carefully from bringing a cup seems to bring more trouble to customers, but for people who drink coffee for a long time, the money saved by bringing a cup can make them drink a few more cups of coffee, so some people in order to enjoy the discount to bring their own cup. use the disposable cup as your own cup, instead of bringing the clerk, you have to emphasize that "bringing your own cup is equal to a non-disposable cup".

Everything has two sides, and the same is true of bringing your own cup. For busy office workers, the inconvenience of bringing their own cup makes people have no motivation to insist on carrying it, but they may, for the sake of money, occasionally protect the environment and bring their own cup to make coffee.

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