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Why can't the flowers come out? Latte coffee pull flowers detailed tutorial

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Last Updated: 2024/04/19, Coffee pull flowers, there is always a magic, so that people watching fascinated, so that people learning head. For many beginners who have just started, the most fulfilling thing is the first shaped pull flower pattern, although not perfect, but also enough to have the confidence to learn, continue to practice repeatedly playing milk foam, fusion,

Coffee pull flower, there is always a kind of magic, let the viewer fascinate, let the learner go up. For many beginners, the most fulfilling thing is the first shaped flower pattern, which is not perfect, but it is enough to have the confidence to learn. Continue to practice foam, fusion, push, swing, return to the cup.

But some friends are stuck in the first step on the road of self-study, obviously imitating every action, as if no matter how they "pour", the liquid surface pattern can not come out. Don't panic! The front street will be solved for you one by one.

Why can't the pattern come out?

In fact, the essence of the "flower" we pull is the color difference between white milk foam and concentrated oil. In the same jar of milk bubbles, when we raise the liquid column, the foam will be washed into the coffee together without white lines, but when the lever mouth is lowered (lower the liquid column), the foam will float on the surface along with the path coming out, gradually forming various patterns.

Therefore, the fusion stage requires us to raise the cylinder nozzle, keep the flow rate stable and concentrated, and let the foam all mix into the coffee, so that the liquid surface will not be white; when it comes out of the picture, lower it down, and tilt the angle appropriately, so that the "white" regularly lands on the surface, thus being wrapped in golden grease. Finally, these patchwork lines are the patterns we are pursuing.

In the view of Qianjie, the milk foam has been shaped but still can not pull out the pattern, in the final analysis, it is affected by three aspects: the poor fluidity of the liquid, the high lift of the milk tank at the time of drawing, and the small flow rate injected. If you encounter doubts in the process of foaming, you can refer to the article "want to make delicate foam, just pay attention to these key points!" "

1. Before fusion, it did not shake evenly.

Fusion is the use of milk to "stir" the coffee liquid, a preparatory action before making a picture. As the saying goes, a good-looking flower is built on perfect integration, just like laying a good foundation before building a house. To do a good fusion, you should not only mix the concentrate with the milk, but also blend the foam and Crema perfectly.

In order to avoid being in a hurry, many people are accustomed to concentrate and spare first, then dispose of the foam, or put the foam first, then extract the coffee, and finally combine the two. Because of this order, the fluidity of the two will change with time, the milk foam may solidify into a lump and layer with the liquid below, while the oil will become thin and unevenly distributed, as shown below. If you pull flowers at this time, there is a good chance that the pattern will not come out.

Therefore, Qianjie suggests that before drawing flowers, it is best to gently shake the milk jar and coffee cup until a smooth surface is formed before merging. In this way, the lighter foam can be evenly distributed in the container, and on the other hand, it can ensure a relatively consistent fluidity with the liquid below, and the drawing effect is better.

two。 At the beginning of the picture, the milk tank was lifted too high

If you find that you still can't get a picture after shaking, then the problem should lie in the technique, that is, the movement is not in place. In front of the street, I have seen some novices who like to keep the milk tank in a higher position (above 8cm) from fusion to drawing, causing the liquid column to break through the surface and rush to the bottom of the cup. In the end, the liquid surface failed to come out except for a small white spot.

As mentioned earlier, if you want to keep the "white" on the liquid level, you can only lower the nozzle properly and let the bubbles fall gently on the coffee when you pour milk. In other words, after the fusion is over, the role of pulling the vat is no longer a "stirring", but a "pen" for painting, so the closer the outlet point of the vat is to the liquid surface, the easier it is for the white foam not to be washed away. The more favorable it will be for us to come up with an ideal pattern.

3. In the process of drawing, the injected traffic is too small.

Friends with experience in flower drawing should know that when they come out of the pattern, as the foam is poured into the grease and gradually slides backward, the white path that rushes out will flow back from both sides, while holding the foam that continues to pour into the back, thus forming a full pattern.

And if the flow rate of the milk poured in is very small (the liquid column is too thin), the foam can not come out quickly, and basically the liquid can only be poured out into the espresso, then there will be no white on the surface, and eventually there will even be a "lump" left at the bottom of the cylinder.

So whether the pattern you want to pull is an entry-level "big white heart", a "tulip" that does not need to swing, or an advanced embossed "leaf" or "thousand-layer heart", the first step to start the drawing after fusion must be to lower the lever mouth and maintain the maximum flow. then push forward.


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