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Original price compensation theme shop, the main one touch!

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Last Updated: 2024/04/19, ▲ Click attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Today, the cafes on the street have a variety of styles, minimalist style, retro style, Showa style, etc., different styles of stores let consumers in one of the door like to a different coffee world, so some unique style coffee shops can always hook

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Nowadays, there are all kinds of cafes on the street, such as extremely simple style, retro style, Showa style, and so on. As soon as consumers enter the door, they feel like they are in a different coffee world. Therefore, some coffee shops with unique styles can always arouse the curiosity of young people and make people want to find out.

Recently, some netizens found such a coffee shop in the process of visiting the store. from a distance, the lights in the store were dimly lit and passed through the archway of retro style, and people seemed to go back to the coffee shop in the Middle Ages. There are a lot of artistic paintings, furnishings, etc., full of literary and artistic atmosphere.

The customer turned around the store and said that if there was anything in the store that made people feel disagreeable, it was probably the label on the conspicuous green tape on the wall. Roughly calculated that there were no less than 10 labels affixed to the store, the contents were all reminding customers not to touch them easily. Some of the more valuable works of art were marked by the shopkeeper, emphasizing that the damage should be compensated according to the price.

Adding a bit of atmosphere to the store with expensive medieval furnishings is not uncommon in retro cafes, but what makes netizens helpless is that there are a large number of antiques in the store, and the labels that can be seen everywhere make people in the store feel unconsciously bound, and the coffee in their hands should be placed carefully on a small coffee table worth thousands of yuan, for fear that something will be accidentally broken and the wallet will become empty.

Many people joke that the shopkeeper put all his wealth in the store and put all kinds of treasures of his collection on display in the store, making it more like a Bogu shop than a coffee shop. Antiques and antiques look better than knockoffs, but for shopkeepers, they are their favorite things, not only expensive, but some may have some significance. From this point of view, it is not difficult to understand that the shopkeeper uses prompt labels to remind guests that they can treat these treasures gently.

However, some people think that since shopkeepers want to display their collections, they should do a good job of protecting them in advance. For example, some valuable furnishings can be protected with professional glass covers, as can be done with reference to cultural relics displayed in museums. Or you can plan a suitable tour route when placing it, and some items that are easy to be knocked over are kept away from this route and placed in a relatively safe position to reduce the chances of customers coming and going.

In addition, too many labels will more or less damage the appearance of the store, "it looks like it's full of patches," and the numbers on the label will make customers unconsciously nervous and lose the relaxed and leisurely sense of ease in the cafe.

Antiques with a sense of story are atmosphere makers for European retro coffee shops. Through these medieval relics with traces of time, customers seem to be in the old cafes of the last century. However, customers come to the store not only to enjoy the retro atmosphere of literature and art in the cafe, but also to enjoy a cup of coffee in this special environment, rather than being frightened by the hints all over the corner.

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