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Starbucks olive oil coffee is actually "curry soup"?

Published: 2024-04-19 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/04/19, ▲ Click attention| Coffee Workshop Since "Star Dad"Howard personally promoted olive oil coffee entering the Chinese market for a week, many consumers either want to feel the special features of Starbucks "epoch-making"new products, or want to experience the "intestinal speed skating"urban legend

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It has been a week since "Star Dad" Howard personally promoted the olive oil coffee entering the Chinese market, many consumers either want to feel the special features of Starbucks'"epoch-making" new products, or want to experience the urban legend of "intestinal speed skating". Chose to buy after the product.

For this drink, consumers are also mixed. Some people will like the aroma and smooth taste of olive oil, while some customers say the drink is not as magical as foreign netizens say. Nothing happens after drinking it, and they can show off another cup.

Recently, however, customers who buy olive oil lattes have found that once the drink has been kept for a long time, there will be serious layering. According to the customer, when he got the freshly made olive oil latte, he lifted the lid and set it aside because the drink was too warm for fear of being scalded. Nearly an hour later, when the customer was ready to drink, he saw a scene in which he dared not continue to drink. A layer of strangely colored thick grease appeared on the surface of the coffee liquid, which did not dissipate even after stirring, making it impossible for people to eat for a while.

Seeing this glossy layer of oil flowers across the screen, most netizens were frightened by this layer of oil. "look at this and think you drink olive oil."

However, other consumers said there was no similar stratification in the drinks they had drunk. Perhaps it is because the product uses oatmeal milk with a certain amount of fat, and when mixed with olive oil, most of the hot drinks have a looming layer of oil. If it is placed for a long time, although there is a thin layer of grease on the liquid surface, it is not as daunting as in the picture.

Therefore, some people analyze that the reason for this phenomenon in this drink may be that the shop assistant made a mistake in some part of the production. "it looks like the wrong step."... " "it shouldn't be like this, let him do it again." this is not made by the shop assistant. The oatmeal latte with olive oil can't tell the difference from the ordinary latte in appearance.

Some people also think that this customer may have snubbed his drink for too long, and after the temperature of the whole cup of liquid dropped, the oil separated from the water, resulting in stratification, such as the ice shock concentration of the cold drink Italian olive, because the overall temperature was on the low side. many consumers will report oil layers of different thickness after purchase.

Netizens said that after the separation of oil and water, it really didn't look like a latte, but rather like "Fish in Sour Soup base material", "curry-flavored Guandong soup", "beef soup", "pickle soup", "old chicken soup" and so on. Imagine it as a beautiful Guangdong soup, it may not be difficult to swallow, some friends suggest that you can try to use the soup absorbent paper to remove the floating shiny oil flowers. Maybe the olive oil latte with oil slick will taste better than before.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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