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How is coffee made? How do you get a latte with milk bubbles?

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, Here it comes, everyone has been calling for pull flower 2.0 version of it! Come on! It was! Today, the front street will share the advanced design of the white heart-"thousand hearts"! In fact, it was not difficult to say that it was not difficult because it was made by adding a small action on the basis of Bai Bai Xin. Everything else, whether it's integration,

Coming, everyone is calling for the pull flower 2.0 version of it! Come on! Yes! What Qianjie wants to share today is the advanced pattern of a big heart-"Thousand layers of Heart"!

In fact, it is not difficult to say that a thousand layers of heart is difficult, because its production method is to add a small action based on the production of a big heart. In other aspects, the amount of milk fused, the location of the landing point, and the final closing action are almost the same! Therefore, many beginners may be able to make a mistake in the process of practicing a big heart. Then let's share the main points of making a thousand-layer heart in Qianjie. Friends who need to know the big heart can move to this article, →, "the teaching of the white heart."

The thickness of the milk foam is much higher than that of the white heart. Because if the milk foam is too thick, it will affect the mobility when drawing. Therefore, the delicate, silky thin milk foam is the production demand of a thousand layers of heart. If the milk foam used by Big White Heart is from 5 points full of milk to 6-8 points full, then the milk bubbles of thousand-layer hearts can only be sent to 6 points full, and the more you exceed this range, the more difficult it is to make stripes!

Of course, it can't be too thin! Too thin milk foam is easy to appear like zigzag texture, more suitable for high-end players, not very friendly for beginners!

The amount of fused milk was shared in Qianjie in the previous article, the more the amount of fused milk, the higher the milk level, and the weaker the convection; the less the fusion, the lower the milk level, the stronger the convection when pulling flowers! And the thousand-layer heart, like the white heart, needs strong convection to make a full pattern, so we need to reduce the amount of milk fused, so that the pattern has more room for development!

The core of the difference between a thousand layers of heart and a big white heart lies in the addition of this pendulum action! In the drawing at the same time, with the cylinder back and forth in order to make a good-looking multi-layer pattern. Then, because the cylinder needs a certain degree of proficiency, Qianjie suggests that it is best to decide the posture of holding the cylinder first! Fix it and then learn to swing the cylinder. Because once you have learned to hold the cylinder in a certain posture, then you will need to accumulate proficiency again when you switch to other postures. Posture ①: take the grip of the milk jar as the fulcrum, fix the position with your thumb and index finger, and then swing the milk tank back and forth with the remaining three fingers.

Posture ②: also take the top of the grip of the milk tank as the fulcrum, use the thumb and index finger to hold the two sides of the milk tank and swing the milk tank, and the remaining three fingers are used to fix it!

No matter which method, you need to practice frequently in order to master it! Qianjie will be more recommended posture ②, for the future wheat ears, swans and other patterns will be easier to use.

Finally, it is our practice link! The fusion of a thousand layers of heart is the same as what we said before, and whether it is bad or not, it can be merged to 6 points full! The fusion injection point is also injected at 4 o'clock on 1amp, but it should be noted that the milk flow can not be as large as a big heart, a little smaller! The fusion cooperates with the swing of the average speed to make the pattern. With the right hand swinging back and forth, the left hand corresponds to slowly returning to the cup! When the cup is full of 9 minutes, we need to raise the cylinder mouth and finish!

Gaga is easy. Have you learned it?


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