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It's really coming! Shanghai takes the lead in testing beverage grading!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, ▲ Click attention| Coffee Workshop In the past two years, the Singapore government has implemented a "beverage sugar restriction order"for packaged drinks and ready-made drinks to give consumers an intuitive understanding of whether all kinds of drinks are healthy. This measure has made domestic netizens have

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In the past two years, for the sake of the health of the people, the Singaporean government has imposed a "beverage sugar restriction order" on packaged drinks and ready-made beverages, with a brief introduction and clear classification to let consumers know directly whether all kinds of drinks are healthy or not. this move has made domestic netizens a little bit envious, hoping that China can also learn from this practice.

A few days ago, the hopes of netizens came true! The Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention has announced that it will launch a pilot project for grading beverages with "nutritional selection" to classify ready-made drinks and packaged beverages according to the four grades A, B, C and D. At present, the overlord Tea Ji, Nai Xue's tea and other four enterprises first participate in the pilot project, Starbucks and other coffee and tea brands will also start from the logo components, and gradually improve.

It is reported that the "nutrition selection" beverage classification method mainly refers to domestic and foreign standards, taking into account the distribution of nutrients in the beverage and the intake of people's beverages. The beverage was comprehensively graded according to the content of non-milk sugar, saturated fat, trans fat and non-sugar sweetener.

At present, since February 29, one of the pilot enterprises, overlord Tea Ji, has officially launched the nutrition selection logo in all stores in Shanghai, and the online Mini Program and store menus have all been adjusted. Customers can see the nutrition grading logo of tea at a glance, whether they order online or offline, and there is also a logo on the drinks they get. In addition, the addition of some of the drinks showed the GI value (glycemic index), which provides a more scientific and intuitive basis for people who need to strictly control sugar.

And the bottled drinks of Naixue's tea in the supermarket have all been changed into "new clothes", with conspicuous nutrition grading signs for buyers to understand at a glance. Naixue's tea also says that online Mini Program and electronic menus in stores have been superscript. After that, the menus of third-party delivery platforms will also be marked with nutrition choices.

The measure of grading all kinds of drinks sold on the market according to their composition is supported by most netizens. Contemporary people pursue scientific and healthy eating habits, so they want to know whether their daily eating and drinking will impose a burden on their health. Nutritional selection grading can help consumers better choose drinks that meet their needs.

According to the feedback from some pilot companies, when customers learn about the nutrition selection logo, they will take the initiative to choose A-and B-grade drinks, which has also led to a recent increase in A-and B-level beverage sales in stores.

However, netizens are also worried, such as whether the promotion of nutrition choice labels will lead to differences in the price of drinks at different levels. Will the merchants add other additives to the drinks in order to satisfy the taste preferences of the public and meet the high nutritional grade?... Such concerns are not rare, so the "nutrition classification" of all kinds of drinks has begun, but there is still a long way to go to make consumers understand and accept it.

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